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I feel like
me dan ganas de
I really like (person or people
cae(n) bien/fenomenal
it's good (a good idea) for me to
me conviene
I'm excited by
me emociona
I love, really like
me encanta
I'm fascinated by
me fascina
I care about
me importa
I'm interested in
me interesa
I'm bored by
me aburre
I don't like (person/people)
me cae(n) mal/fatal
I'm disgusted by
me da asco
I don't like
me disgusta
I'm bothered by
me meolesta/me festidia
I'm worried about
me preocupa
I don't care/it's all the same to me
me da igual
I don't care about
me da lo mismo
me es igual
no me importa
I'm not interested in
no me interesa

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