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Movment that was led by Jacqu-Louis David. Tried to revive or emulate Greek & Roman art. The work was mostly political in content (repulican or NonMonarchical government)
Forerunner to the modern camera
Camera Obscura
name two pioneers of photojournalism
Lewis Hine, Margaret Bourke-White
What does the abreviation 'AP' stand for
Artist Proof
It is the opposite of relief: areas below the surface hold the ink
A reconstruction of objects based on geometric abstraction.
Picasso & Barque esablished it and later Juan Gris and Ferdinand Leger kept it going
Era of art from 17th century and most of the 18th. It is a term used frequently to describe the art that arose in Italy in 1600 and spread through much of europe during the next 200 yrs. Frequent use of curves and countercurves. - vivid realism, sharp di
List 4 Baroque artists.
Bernini, Caravaggio,Rubens,Borromini
They came to regard humankind as the highest creation in nature--- the closest thing to perfection in physical form , coupled with the power to reason.
an early crusaderin the art photography movement
Alfred Stieglitz
the camera lens opening , measured in F-stops as the number increases, the size of the _______ decreases, thereby reducing the amount of light passing through the lens
another word for platform or the block on which a column rests
the medium is most similar to constructed sculpture but the artist constructs an entire environment w/in the gallery
installation art
a sculpture that is not freestanding but projects from a background surface
a coin is an example of this type of relief
low or bas relief

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