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con law 2


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Can federal court ever render advisoru opinion ?
NO but state ct can
When is governmenta money assistnace to schools const and when is it not cons
CONS=secondary schools
UNCONST=primary schools (elementary schools)
When is only time FEDS have police power
If District of columbia otheriwise don't have it
what power of CONS gives COngress right to spend money or property anyway they want
fed property clause
Does president have power to set regulatory standards?
NO unless congress have him right
when is fundamental right of right to travel implicated
residency requirments
Only way to get due process procedurally
State action and must have a legitimate property right which can be created by relying on promise from gvt
When does one man one vote FR to vote not apply
elections of limited purpose then can discriminate on who can vote
what is the only thing the gvt can inquire into re one' sreligion
what is only limits on congress' power to invesitgate?
cannot invetigate other branches

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