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Aviation Medicine


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Both grounding and clearance notices are considered what?
Medical recommendations
Officially all aviation-designated personnel are removed from or restored to flying dutues by who?
The CO of the unit
To notify all individuals concerned that the named aircrew member is now medically cleared and recommended for duties involving flight
Clearance Notice ("up chit")
NAVMED 6410/2
Clearance Notice
To notify all individuals concerned that the named aircrew member is no longer medically recommended for flying duties
Grounding Notice ("down chit")
NAVMED 6410/1
Grounding Notice
What is on of the responsibilties of the IDC with aircraft mishaps
Search for survivors and treat all casualities first
When issuing "downchits" or "up chits" and original and 2 copies goes where?
Original to CO
1st copy to OPS
2nd copy to SMDR files
The IDC or MO who signs a "down chit" must immediately start doing what?
solving the proplem or the underlying problem
Any crew membner who has been grounded for longer than 10 days willnot get an " up chit" without having been given what?
physical exam by FS or AMO
What must a MO or IDC obtain to issue a clearance notice
concurrence from the Flight Surgeon
What covers units and locations without aviation medicine trained personnel?
NAVMED P117 Chap 15-65
BUMED 6410.5
How do you prepare Carbon Monoxide specimens?
Fill the tube al full as possible to prevent air being sucked in
When collecting an ETOH how do you prep the PT?
with soap and water and label Blood Alcohol.
After a mishap what labs are drawn?
Blood Alcohol (ETOH)
Carbon Monoxide
How many labs are drawn?
The IDC will corridinate with members of the aviation medical board in the collection of labeled sketches and photgraphs of crash site to include what?
Crash Path
Point of impact
Documentation of grounding or clearance will be noted in the members health record on what?
SF 600
NAVMED 6150/2 (medical abstract)
Information and details required from survivors must cover what time frame
last 72 hrs
*Food & drinks
hrs of sleep
and activities
How much urine is collected?
What color top tube is carbon monoxide
Lavender (purple)
What color top tube is ETOH?
What type of UA is ordered?
Routine UA
* save remainder of future tests ordered by FS
What specimens are stored in reefer/freezer and for how long?
Serum (red top)
Urine (10+cc's)
for 90 days
Where are the specimens sent? and which ones?
AFIP (armed forces institute of pathology)
ETOH, CO, & Drug screen (urine)
Different people react differently to the same medication drug. Also may occur with the same person reacting differently to the same drug on different occasions
idiosyncratic effect
May be either predictable or unpredictable. Although this is more prone to being unpredictable in nature, such as drowsiness and increased BP.
Side effect
Such as relief of person's cold SX
intended effect
What indtruction specifies that NAval aircrewmen may not use meds unless granted permission by a Flight surgeon
Depression of the CNS with high does as well as decreases reastion time
Cough drops
Nasal decongestants also do what?
Prolonged use of what increases blood pressure and pulse
nasal decongestants
Waht is duffucult to control because of their easy availibility and individuals utilization of self-treatment
Over the Counter drugs
When two drugs interact with each other resulting in a larger effect than the sum of their individual effect
Synergistic effect
due to pressure in aircraft flying above waht altitude may cause what?
Max altitude for someone with a pneumothorax
What must be included in a MEDVAC message
accounting data
What becomes crusty when exposed to 100% O2?
Petroleum Jelly based products
Local allergic reactions are not uncommon. Can result in Rapid swelling of the oral pharynx and respiratory tract, which can result in decreased air. What medication?
Throat Lozenges
Largest Litter capacity helo
What is also known as the Sea Knight
CH 46
What helos are used for MEDVACS
CH 53
CH 46
What goes with a PT on MEDVAC?
Pay Rec
Dental Rec
Service Rec
Health Rec

***NOT training Record
What info must be included with a PT who is taking medications on a MEDVAC?
generic names of medications
Who has say so over aircraft?
Who is responsible for MEDVAC?
What type of side effect does Asprin have?
May increase sweating

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