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Cell junctions


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connexons found where
in gap jxns (6 connexons form a connexin)
another name tight junction
zona occludens
proteins of tight jxn
cadherins, specifically occludin and claudin
proteins of adherent (zona adherens) jxns
cadherins, w actin
purpose of tight junctions
function of adherent jxns
cell to cell adhesion
function of desmosomes
cell to cell adhesion
another name for desmosomes
macula adherens
proteins of desmosomes
cadherins, including desmoglein and desmocallin
what do desmosomes att to of the cell
IM (as do hemidesmo)
function of hemidesmosome
cell to EM adhesion
proteins of hemidesmosomes
integrins, incl desmopenetrin
what are focal jxns made up of
what is the function of focal jxns
cell to EM adhesion
which junctions use actin
adherent and focal
bullous pamphigoid: type of blisters?
dermal blister
pemphigous: type of blisters
epidermal blisters
what cells have gap jxns
smooth mscl, cardiac
osteocyte, chondrocyte, astrocyte
what cells have adherent jxns
what cells have desmosomes
skin and cardiac
what junctions do cardiac cells have
gap, adherent, desmo, and focal
cells with focal jxns
skin (basal), sm m (vin), skel (dys) cardiac (dys)
osteoclast, merkel
osteoclast has what type jxns
focal (osteocytes and chondrocytes have gap jxns)
what cells have tight jxns
endothelial, perineurium (surround nerve fascia)

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