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Hao's SAT I'll be the judge of that


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arbiter (AHR bih ter)
a judge who decides a disputed issue
biased (BYE ist)
exculpate (EKS kul payt)
to free from guilt or blame
impartial (im PAR shul)
not in favor of one side or the other
incontrovertible (in kon truh VERT uh bul)
indisputable; not open to question
integrity (in TEG rit ee)
trustworthiness; completeness
jurisprudence (JER is proo duns)
the philosophy or science of law
objectivity (ahb jek TIV ih tee)
treating facts without influence from personal feelings or prejudices
penitent (PEN ih tunt)
expressing remorse for one's misdeeds
plausible (PLAWZ ih bul)
seemingly valid or acceptable; credible
substantiated (sub STAN shee ay tid)
supported with proof or evidence; verified
vindicated (VIN duh kayt id)
freed from blame

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