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Pharmacy Tech Section 2B Definitions


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Parental products
drugs administered via injection
Aseptic technique
“a”=without, “sepsis”= fever causing organism, refers to the preparation of a previously sterilized product without the introduction of microbacterial contamination
a calibrated tube, tapered at one end to allow for the attachment of a needle
secures the needle with a threaded ring
contains a lip or flat disc at one end and a cone-shaped rubber piston at the other end
used to attach the needle to the syringe
usually metal and is coated with a sterile silicone coating for ease of insertion
Bevel tip
the tip of the needle shaft is beveled to form a point
diameter of the needle
Transfer Needles
specially designed needles which look like 2 needles attached together at their hubs
Filter Needles
needles which contain a filter near the hub of the needle
Core formation/ Coring
when a needle is inserted improperly through the rubber closure of a vial, pieces of rubber may be carved out as the needle is inserted and cause contamination of the parental product
glass or plastic containers with rubber stoppers secured to its top by an aluminum band
Closed-system containers
they do not allow for the equalization of either increased or decreased pressures
Positive Pressure
if air or a volume of a solution is introduced there is no passage out of this increased pressure and therefore pressure inside the vial is greater than outside the vial
Negative Pressure/ Vacuum formation
if the pressure inside the vial would be lower than the pressure outside the vial and therefore air or drug solution would prefer to be drawn into the vial
Large Volume Parentals
IV solutions packaged in glass or plastic containers holding 10mL or greater
IV Injection
is the administration of a relatively small volume of medication from a syringe over a short period of time
IV Infusion
is the introduction of large volumes of fluids over long periods of time
Intravenous Piggyback
having two containers flowing into the patients vein through a common tubing and a common injection site
the degree of acidity or basicity of a solution
the physical phenomenon related to the number f solute particles in a solution
if a RBC is placed in a solution containing less particles than blood
if the RBC is placed in a solution containing a greater number of particles than blood

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