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Anatomy I 2


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muscles involved in arm extension
latissimus dorsi
teres major
long head triceps
posterior portion deltoid
medial rotation of arm
latissimus dorsi
pectoralis major
anterior pt deltoid
lateral flexion of the arm
teres minor
posterior pt deltoid
arm ABduction
*name two motions
*list muscles
1. true ABduction of arm at shoulder
2. upward rotation of scapula
*supraspinatus (15 degrees)
trapezius, serratus anterior
ABduction of scapula
serratus anterior
pectoralis - assists
Lateral rotation of scapula(retraction)
rhomboid mjr, minor
arm ADDuction
*muscles used
pectoralis majr, minor
latissimus dorsi
teresl major
deltoid (as antagonist)
arm ADDuction
2 motions
1. downward rotation of scapula
2. ADDuction of arm
arm circumduction
circular motion involving shoulder girdle
arm circumduction
pectoralis mjr, deltoid
subscapularis, lat. dorsi
coraco brachialis,
biceps brachii, teres mjr,mnr
long head of triceps
pollicus ABduction
abductor pollicus longis and brevis
vertebral body
the largest part of the vertebra, shaped like a short cylinder; adjacent vertebral bodies articulate through a symphysis

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