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Applying Child Development CH. 8


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James is in the preoperational stage and is showing increasingly sophisticated use of language. If you were a Piagetian you would believe that this use of language leads to cognitive growth. true or false
Rachel made cookies today, and although she forgot to put the sugar in, when recalling how she made the cookies, she said she added sugar. This is because she is using a _________.
*a script
When Margaret's teacher presented her with a calculator to help her learn algebra, she was giving her a __________.
cultural tool
If you are a researcher focusing on how some basic cognitive processes such as attention and memory develop, you are most likely a follower of Vygotsky's approach to cognitive development. True or False
Jacob is taking turns talking and sticking to the topic of hockey. He is demonstrating the development of _______.
pragmatic abilities
Omar is a preschooler enrolled in a child care center. His intellectual development will most likely at least match, if not exceed, that of children at home. True or false?
Sven is a preschool teacher in the US. His salary is probably _____ than that of a high school teacher.
Debbie is 18 months old. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, how much television should she watch a week?
0 hours
Tasha is a regular viewer of Sesame Street. She most likely spends more time reading than preschoolers who do not watch Sesame Street. True or False?
Leslie is a child from an inner city ,low income family. She is ________.
more susceptible to lead poisoning than peers from higher income families
Michael is concentrating on a task that is highly verbal. He is most likely using which side of the brain that specializes in these tasks?
the left side of the brain, which considers information sequentially
Marika can jump a distance of 24 to 33 inches, which is typical of her age. She will also most likely be able to_______
hold and manipulate a thin pencil properly
Joseph is 6 years old. According to Piaget, wich of the following are most likely true of his cognitive development?
he is capable of symbolic function
Officer Pickney is interviewing a child who witnessed a crime. Which of the following techniques will most likely elicit accurate recollections?
offering the child a chocolate bar or other treat
You feel that Vygotsky's approach is the correct way to understand cognitive development. Which of the following would be a criticism you would have of the information processing approach?
They dont consider social and cultural factors in cognitive development.
If you believed in information processing approach to cognitive development, which of the following would be a criticism you would have of Piaget's theory?
He believes developmental changes are more qualitative in nature when in fact they are more quantitative.
Alyssa, a 3 year old, is trying to put together a 10 piece puzzle. What might be the most effective way for her to do this task.
provide her with scaffolding
Francis is a preschooler whose vocabulary is growing very quickly. She is able to do this through___________.
Fast mapping
Desiree comes from an affluent family. COmpared to a child from a lower income family, which of the following are most likely to be true?
Her parents spoke to her more as a child.

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