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Ruby Tuesday's


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Queso, Queso
A spicy blend of creamy cheese, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes. Served with unlimited crispy tortilla chips
Mega Nachos
A heaping portion of crispy tortilla chips covered with meaty chili and spicy queso sauce. Topped with sour cream and jalapeños.
Super Sampler
Jumb'O'rings, classic Tuesday tenders, fried cheese and fried zucchini. Served with smoky honey Dijon, ranch and marinara dipping sauces
Chili Queso Fries
Ruby's fries smothered with meaty chili and spicy queso sauce topped with sour cream
Southwestern Spring Rolls
Aflour tortillia filled with chick, spinach, black beans cheese, corn and cilantro. Fried until crispy and serced with salso and sour cream
Coastal Crabcakes
Our own signature recipe! Crabmeat, crawfish and a spicy blend of seasonings are grilled and served with remoulade sauce.
Buffalo Chicken Wontons
Fried wonton wrappers filled with buffalo-auced shredded chicken, served with bleu cheese dressing and crunchy celery sticks for dipping.
Fried Cheese
Lightly breaded and fried to perfection. Served with Marinra sauce.
Coconut Shrimp
jumbo Shrimp encrusted with shredded coconut and fried, Pared with sweet and hot ginger sauce.
loaded cheese Fries
A Guest Favorite1 Tuby's fries topped with melted Jack'n Cheddar Cheese, Chopped bacon and sour Cream. Served with ranch Dressing.
Spicy BUffalo WIngs
Tossed in Buffalo (Mild, or HOT) sauce and served with crunchy cerley sticks and bleu cheese dressing.
Onion Tanglers
A full pound of crispy, spicy seasoned onion straws served with remoulade sauce.
Tuesday Tenders
Crispy fried chicken tenders in you choice of classic of spicy buffalp flavors
Asian Glazed Wings
Tender Chicken Wings tossed in out wsweet and hot ginger sauce. Served with bleu cheese dressing and celery.
our thick cut onion rings are fried and seasoned with a Southwesttern chili spice
cheesey Spinach Dip
a creamy blend of cheeses and spinach. served with unlimited crisy tortilla Chips.
ASian steamed dumplings
asian spiced dumplings filled with checken then steamed grilled. served with Thai Peeanut sauce.
Double Cheese chicken Quesadilla
Grilled Chicken, Jack n cheddar cheese and tomateos in a grilled flour tortilla. Served withsalso a nd sour cream.
Double Cheese quesadilla
a grilled flour tortilla packed with Jack n cheddar cheese and tomatoes. Served with salsa and sour cream.
Crispy Cajun shrimp
our spicy louisiana fried shimp with remoulade sauce
fried Zucchini
Zucchini sticks coated in savory italian breading and fried until golden brown. Served with marinara sauce.
new Orleans Seafood
broiled seasoned tilapia nd shrimp topped with creamy alfredo sauce. Served with braccoli and brown rice pilaf with cheese and tomatoes
Coastal Crabcackes
Crabmeat, crwfich and a spicy blend of seasonings are grilled and served with remoulade sauce, braccoli, and brown rice pilaf topped wit hcheese and tomatoes.
Chesapeake catch
Broiled tilapia toppped with a grilled crabcake then drizzeled with creamy alfedo sauce.
Creole Catch
Broiled seeasoned Tilapia
Asian Peppercorn salmon
a spicy broiled Atlantic salmon fillet grased with out special thai peanut sauce, served with sugar snap peas and brown pilaf topped with cheese and tomatoes.
Coconut Shrimp.
Crisyy Coconut shrimp with sweet and hot ginger dipping sauce.
Shrimp Alfredo PAsta
Pasta with alfredo sauce, broiled seasoned shrimp, diced tomatoes and Parmeasan nd romano cheese.
Crispy Mandarin Chicken
Chrispy Fried Chicken, Mandarin oranges, broccoli and cabbage tossed in sweet and hot ginger sauc and served over brown rice pilaf
Baked Sonaora Pasta
Pasta tossed with spicy Southwestern cheese sauce, grilled chicken, black bean salsa nd diced tomatoes, then smothered with cheese and backed
Baked chicken Parmesan Pasta
pasta tossed with alfredo sauce , breaded chicken brest strips and marinara sauce than smothered with swiss cheese and baked.
baked Roma chicken Pasta
Pasta tossed with alfredo sauce, grilled chicken, diced tomatoes=, then smothered with swiss cheese and baked.
grilled Chicken Stacker
Grilled chicken with jack cheese and brown sauce
Smoky Mountain Staker
grilled barbecue chicken with monterey Jack n cheddar cheese bacon and diced tomatoes
Chuch Street Stacker
grilled chicken with sauteed mushrooms bacon and swiss cheese served withcmoky honey dijon dipping sauce.
Chopped Steak Stacker
A juicy grilled steak burger with sauteed mushrooms Jack cheese and rich brown sauce.
sirloin tips Stacker
Juicy sirloin tips and rich brown sauce
Petite sirloin
a smaller version of out irresistible top sirloin
Top sirloin
a seasoned sirloin steak sooked to perfection
Ruby's Ribeye
out juicy ribeye cooked just the way you like it.
Peppercorn Mushoom Sirloin
a selicious peppercorn seasoned top sirloin with sauteed mushrooms and creamy alredo sauce.
Steak and Coconut Shrimp Combo
Ruby's petite steack paired with crispy coconut shrimp served with sweet and hot ginger sause
Blackened Tibeye
Ruby's succulent ribeye seasoned with cajun spices and grilled to perfection
Hang off the plate Ribs
a colossal protion of fork tender premium baby back ribs.

Spicy Honey BBQ
Asian Glazed
Memphis Dry Rub
triple Play
A combination of classic Tuesday tenders, fried shrimp and a half rack of tuby's classic babecue ribs. Served with smoky honey dijon and cocktail sauce.
louisiana Fried Shrimp
Golden Fried shrimp with your choice of cocktail or remoulade dipping sauces
Side Items
Broccoli, Cauliflower, Mashed Potatoes, Sauteed Mushrooms, Sugar snap Peas, Jomb'o'rings, Onion Tanglers, Fries, Ceasar salad, brown rice pilaf, Baked potato, Loaded Bake potato
American Cheese BUrger
Topped with Ameriacan Cheese
Bacon Cheese BUrger
Served with American Cheese and crisp bacon
Black and Bleu Burger
Peppercorn seasoned and topped with bleu cheese crumbles
Bacon Jack Burger
Pepporcorn seasoned with bacon and jack cheese
Mama Mia Burger
A juice burger with marinare a sauce a nd Swis cheese
Alpine swiss Burger
Our succulent peppercon seasoned burger topped with swiss cheese and sauteed muchrooms
Chili Cheeseburger
a juicy burger smothered with meaty chili and cheddar cheese
Smokehouse Burger
Smothered with barbecue sauce, sharp cheddar sheese bacon and topped with crispy Jumb'o'ring
Ultimate Colossal Burger
Two half pound burgers on a triple decker bun with american and monterey jack cheese
surf and Turf Burger
Ruby's burger topped with spicy broiled shrimp a nd remoulade sauce
Bison Cheeseburger
a lean bison burger with american cheese
Bison Bacon Cheeeseburger
our bison burger with american cheese and bacon
Florentine Turkey burger
Ruby's turkey burger with sheesy spinach sauce
Fiesta Turkey Gurger
Our turkey burger topped with spicy queso sauce
Bacon Jack Turkey Burger
A juicy turkey burger topped with monterey Jack cheese and crisp bacon
Jimmy Jax Crabcake Burger
Our signature grilled crabcake with remoulade sauce
Killer fish Burger
a jumbo serving a spicy broiled tilapia with remoulade sauce
Veggie Burger
a veggie burger with monterey jack and cheddar cheese
Alpine swiss veggie burger
topped with swiss chesse and sauteed mushrooms
Mama Mia Veggie burger
with marinare sauce and swiss cheese
buffalo and Bleu chicken burger
a fried chicken breast tossed in buffalp sauce with monterey jack cheese served with a side of bleu cheese dressing
Ruby's chicken Buger
a seasoned greilled chicken breast with swiss chesse served with a side of smokey honey dijon dressing
Hickory chicken burger
a seasoned greilled chicken breast with barbecue sauce crisp bacon and swiss cheese
chicken parmeasan chicken
a fried chicken breast with swiss cheese and marinara sauce
crispy chicken club burger
a fried chicken breast with swiss cheese and bacon
Veggie Burger Wrap
Veggie burger topped with lettuce tomatoes, pickles and Romano cheese.
The salad bar
salad bar
the famous combo
the salad bar at ruby's with carlic toast and your choice of soup or loaded back potato
carolina chicken salad
feast on this hearty salad filled with fried chicken , tomatoes, sugared pecans, cheese and chopped bacon.all served on a bed of romaine lettuice with your choice of smokey honey dijon or honey mustard dressing and garlic toast on the side.

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