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conversation expressions


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저는 찬시입니다
My name is Chauncey
좋은 하루 보내세요
Have a Good day
거기는 몇시예요?
What time is it there?
커피 마시고
Drink coffee.
좋은 아침이예요
Good morning
어떻게 도와드릴까요?
How can I help you?
저것은 무엇입니까? formal
저것은 뭐예요? Polite
What does that mean?
한국말로 그건 어떻게 얘기하죠? Polite
How do you say that in Korean?
한국말로 이건 어떻게 말해요?
How do you say this in Korean?
영어로 하면 그건 무슨 뜻이죠?
What does that mean in English?
지금 몇시예요?
Oh that's interesting.
뭐해요? 뭐하십니까?
What are you doing?
버스 정거장이 어디예요?
Where is the bus?
날씨가 별로 안좋아요
The weather is not good.
나 지금 졸려요
I am sleepy now.
친구랑 점심 먹었어요?
Did you have lunch with your friends?
저는 점심에 밥하고 야채 먹었어요.
I had rice with vegetables.
오늘은 뭐 했어요?
What did you do today?
찬시는 무엇을 싫어해요?
What don't you like Chauncey?
이건 뭐예요?
What's this?
나는 화장실 가요
I have to go to the bathroom
갔다 왔어요
I have been there.
한국어 조금 만합니다.
I speak a little Korean.
영어 할수있읍니까?
Can you speak English?
한국어 할수있읍니까?
Can you speak Korean?
세탁소에서 어디에요?
Where is the laundrymat?
I'm hungry
I'm thirsty
I'm full
It was tasty
여행수표 신용카드 수있읍니까?
Do you accept creditcard?
please give me a discount
That's expensive
비싸요 깍아주세요
It's expensive. Please give me a discount.
a little expensive. Please give me a discount.
too expensive
천원 있어요
I only have a dollar.
I don't have any coins.
동전이 조금있어요
I have some coins.
오늘 일해요
I work today
오늘 저는 친구를 만나요
I will meet my friend today.
I want to order a coffee.
전화 번호가 어떻게 됩니까
I can I have the number.
잘뭊 거셨습니다
You have the wrong number.
한국어로 무슨 의미 인가요?
How do you say that in Korean?
영어로 무슨 의미 인가요?
What does that mean in English?

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