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P.E. Muscles


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The most outstanding characteristic of muscles
* The ablilty to contract or shorten
Unlike soft tissue muscles can
* shorten, lengthen, contract, relax
how many muscles in the body
Muscles work in pairs
*One flexes, while it's couterpart extends
Nerves supplying most of the skeletal muscles originate
* at the spinal cord
Functions of the muscular system
1. movement of bones
2. pumping of blood and carrying nutrients to all parts of body
3. controlling airmovement in and out of lungs
4. the muscles action in the esophagus, stomach and intestine helps to break down food and eliminate waste
types of muscles
1. smooth muscles (unstriated) located in the gastrointestinal tract and blood vessels. Smooth are involuntary. Smooth fibers are less than one thousandth of an inch long
types of muslces
Striated muscle: is skeletal muscles. skeletal muscles account for 40% of the body's weight ( voluntary)
heart muscle
(cardiac muscle) a special type of striated cell forming the fibers of the walls of the heart.
each 430 voluntary muscles of the body contains
* wrappings of fibrous connective tissue
A muscle consists of thousands of cylindric muscle cells called
* each fiber is wrapped and separated from its neighboring fibers by a fine layer of connective tissue which is the endomysium
*connective tissue that surrounds 150 fasciculus
*surrounds the entire muscle ... fascia of fibrous connective tissue
*Strong parallel fibers massed tightly together that connect muscle to bone or muscle to muscle
*Where the tendon joins relatively stable skeltal part ( region)
*The point of attachment to the moving bone
* where the origin is, ( fixed end of lever system) near body midline
* insertion is distal or moveable attachment
Muscle fiber type: fast twitch
*Muscle fibers activated in short term, sprint activities.... muscular contractions depends on anaerobic metabolism for energy
Muscle fiber type:slow twitch
*Muscle fibers are fatigue resistant and well suited for prolonged aerobic exercise
You use how many muscles to frown how many to smile
*Frown 43 , Smile 17
If all your muscles pulled in one direction you could lift?
* 25 tons
*The largest of body's muscles is the
Gluteus maximus, buttocks muscle

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