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Music Exam Review Flash Cards


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What is Dynamics?
The degree of loadness or softness of a sound
What is elements
dynamics, form, harmony, melody, texture, timbre and rythem
What is form?
the shape or structure of a piece of music
What is gamelan?
Indonesian percussion orchestra
What is genre?
a category of composition characterized by a particular style, form and content.
What is groove?
when you ahve a group playing together and it flows/fits and natural
What is harmony?
the combination of simaltereous notes (chords) and their composition and progression
WHat is Imitation?
the repetition by one voice of a melody, phase or motif stated earlier in a composition by another voice.
What is improvising?
composing, playing, or singing on the spur of the moment without the aid of written music
What is and interval?
the dustance in oitch between any two notes
What is intonation?
the ability to play or sing in tune
What is a measure?
means of organizing rythm by grouping together a specified number of beats (bars)
What is a melody?
an arrangement of pitches in a musically expressive succession
What is a metre?
a rythm characterized by regular recurrence of a systematic arrangment of basic patterns
what is music instrument digital interface (MIDD)
a mean of composing arranging editing and recording music with the air of a computer
what is Motif?
a dominant reccuring element of a theme
what is aural?
to the ear or the sence of hearing
What is balance?
the natural stability achived by the even distribition of sounds
WHat is binary?
a musical form containing two divisions or sections
what is blend?
the combining of sounds so that the seprate parts can't be ditingushed.
What is bridge?
a musicial passage linking two sections of a composition
what is consonance?
a musicial sound that is satisfactory to the ear. what consites consonanos is not structary laid down and must depend on individual assesment creative process
what is perception?
the germination or motion of a musicial idea
What is productin?
the composing arranging or editing of an idea
what is judgement?
the evaluation and revsion of the product
what is intitial reaction?
spontaneous verbalization by the listener as he or she comes into contact with the work
What is description?
a list of the elements utilized by the composer in the production of the work
What isw analysis?
a descriptive enumeration of the aesthetic principals used by the composer in the work
what is interpretation?
an erplanauon of the symbolic value of the elements and principals used by the composer
What is judgememnt?
an evaulation of the pertinence of the work within up a scale
what is digital?
a way recording music in which the sound waves are represntes digility (as a numbered sequence in a computer) resulting in a much clearer recording with very little backstage noise.
what is a phrase?
a short musicial thought that is typically two to four measures long
what is peal time
sound input through live profermances
What is repertoure?
the acaumeated pieces that a performer or group of profprmers of silence in music
What is rythem?
musical sounds organized according to duratation
What is a sequence?
a computer prograham that records music one or many tracks
What is a tempo?
the speed of a peice of music
What is termanry?
a musicial form containing three divisions or sections
What is tertture?
a pattern of musicians sound created by notes or lines of music played or sung together
what is theme?
a melodic subject of a piece of music or the tune
what is timbre?
the characteristic quality of the sound pronounced by a particular
what is triad?
a chord of 3 notes

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