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Chaucer Tales


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Theseus, Arcite, Palamon, Emelye
The Knight's Tale
Nicholas, Alisoun, John, Absolon
The Miller's Tale
two students John and Alayn, the miller, his daughter and wife
The Reeve's Tale
apprentice Perkyn, his master and the master's wife
The Cook's Tale
sultan of Syria, Custance, Hermengyld, Mauricius, Donegild, Satan, Alla-king of Northumberland, a young knight
The Man of Law's Tale
The Wife of Bath's Prologue
young knight, Arthur's queen, ugly woman
The Wife of Bath's Tale
archdeacon, summoner, yeoman, old wealthy widow, devil
The Friar's Tale
Griselde and her husband
The Clerk's Tale
January, May, Damien, Pluto
The Merchant's Tale
King Cambyuskan, Canacee
The Squire's Tale
Arveragus, Dorigen, Aurelius
The Franklin's Tale
Appius, Virginia, Caudius
The Physician's Tale
3 riotous youth, Death
The Pardoner's Tale
monk, merchant's wife
The Shipman's Tale
7 year old boy, Jews, magistrate
The Prioress's Tale
Sir Thopas, elf-queen
Chaucer's First Tale
Melibee, Prudence, Sophie
Chaucer's Second Tale
Lucifer, Adam, Sampson, Hercules, Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, Zenobia, Pedro of Castile
The Monk's Tale
Cecilia, Valerian, Pope Urban
The Second Nun's Tale
canon and a priest
The Yeoman's Tale
Phoebus, his wife and a white crow,
The Manciple's Tale
Seven Deadly Sins
The Parson's Tale
secular and pagan subjects as my own
Chaucer's Retraction

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