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Human Sexuality Unit Review Questions


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What is the “master gland” that regulates other glands?
The Pituitary Gland.
Which gland starts the stress response?
The Adrenal Gland.
Where are the adrenal glands located?
The Adrenal Gland is located above the kidneys.
What are the male reproductive glands called?
The Testes.
Which gland controls blood sugar levels?
The Pancreas Gland.
What are the ovaries?
The Female Reproductive Organs that hold the eggs.
What does the parathyroid gland control?
Regulates the distribution of certain minerals.
What type of doctor specializes in the female reproductive system?
A gynecologist.
Name the hormone responsible for masculine changes during puberty.
What are 3 physical types of growths changes for males and females?
- Facial Hair Appears
- Voice Deepens
- Acne Appears

- Menstruation Begins
-Breasts Develop
-Hips Widen
What are 2 emotional growth changes that happen in puberty?
1) Mood Swings
2) Feelings towards others change.
Which gender usually goes through puberty first?
Which organ regulates the temperature of the testes?
What is a sign of puberty for females?
The Menstruation Cycle
What is the menstrual cycle?
The time period during the discharge of the monthly lining that would be used in order to protect a baby if there was a pregnancy.

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