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Who is reponsible for reporting fraud?
All personnel are responsible to report possibility of such illegal or improper acts & shall report to proper authority, per Navy Regulations.
WHo shall cause inquiries or investigations into possible fraud?
Commanding Officers & other in authority.
Who under direction of SECNAV is responsible to inspect, investigate, or inquire into matters of importance concerning fraud, waste, ineffeiciency & related improprieties throughout the DON?
Naval Inspector General
Naval Insepector General ensures that recommendations are provided in a timely manner to enable the suspension & debarment authority to initiate action within how many days of an indictment or conviction?
30 days.
"SIGNIFICANT CASES" - What are some examples of adverse impact on DOD Missions?
Endangerment of personnel or property, monetary loss, denigration of program or personal integritary, reduction or loss of mission readiness.
Report "significant incidents" by situation reports or periodic summary reports to...
SECNAV, fully advising CNO with respect to incidents occuring at activities under CNO Command & Control.
Who shall prepare reprots for submission by SECNAV that may be required by Congress or Executive Branch of Government on the subject of fraud, waste, or related activities?
Naval Inspector General
T/F -- Do Commanders or Commanding Officers concerned get a copy of the Report of Investigation?
True, but only if they are not in violation themselves.
Investigation reports include:
- Case title
- Case control number
- Office of primary responsibility
- Date opened
- Predication
- Suspected offense(s)
What responsiblities does the Commander, Naval Security & Investigative Command hold?
Conducts criminal investigation, intelligence operations into crim, provides written notification to Naval Inspector General of initiation of all investigations.
Who assigns priority to the scheduling of audits into programs & areas subject to fraud, waste, & inefficiency?
Auditor General of the Navy
YES/NO -- If a Commanding Officer is involved in a possible violation of fraud, will a copy of investigative report be issued to the command?
Audit reports are issued to whom, concerning potential incidents of fraud?
- Commander or Commanding Officer responsible
- Chain of Command
- NSIC (Naval Security Investigative Command)
- Naval Inspector Gerneral (only if potentially significant in dollar amount)
What does NSIC stand for?
Naval Security Investigative Command
Comptroller of the Navy responsiblities include:
- accounting
- disbursing
- financing
- developing of accounting systems
Who provides policy guidance on the DON Internal Controls Program?
Comptroller of the Navy
Comptroller of the Navy shall review requests for relief from liability from accountable officers in paygrades of O-5 or above when amount exceed what dollar amount?
Who shall provide legal advice & counsel on the subject of fraud, waste, inefficiency, & related improprieties in areas of responsibilities?
General Counsel of the Navy
Who shall advise the Naval Inspector General concerning litigation & ethics matters?
General Counsel of the Navy
What does "JAG" stand for?
Judge Advocate General
(Naval Legal Service Command)
Who shall provide legal advice & counsel to Navy or Marine Corps official in matters concerning fraud, waste, & related improprieties?
Judge Advocate General (JAG)
All naval personnel shall govern their conduct in accordance with...
The Navy's Standards of Conduct.
All Commanding Officers & others in positions of authority within the uniformed Naval Services shall govern themselves per what article of US Naval Regulations?
What article of Navy Regulations holds the Commanding Officer responsible for economy within their commands & require rigid compliance with the regulations governing receipt, accounting, & expediture of money & materials?
Who ensures that all personnel under their authority are familiar with article 1139 & 1140, Navy Regulations, requiring reports of offenses committed by persons in DON?
- Commanders in Chief
- Commanders
- Commanding Officers

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