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Linear Perspective
All parallel lines seem to converge on one point on the horizon, called the vanishing point; the farther away objects are meant to seem to the viewer, the smaller they are drawn
A system for achieving the illusion of three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface
Painting on plaster (wet or dry)
The idea that a work of art should try to show the world of nature as it actually appears
Study of the symbolic (often religious) meaning of people, objects, events portrayed in works of art
Picture plane
The surface of a picture
Painting technique in which contours are enveloped in a suggestive, smoke-like haze
Human posture in which the shoulders and head are turned one way and the hips and legs another; weight off the body is put on one foot, creating a feeling of tension on one side of the body and relaxation on the other
Atmospheric Perspective
Objects meant to seem more distant are shown with blurred outlines and with colors that are lest vivid and bluish
A technique in painting and drawing in which different shades of light and dark are used to achieve the effect of three-dimensional modeling

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