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Chapter 10 Questions


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The term emergent design in the context of a qualitative inquiry indicates that the research design emerges:
While the researcher is in the field collecting data
All of the following are issues that a qualitative researcher attends to in planning a study except:
A)Selecting a site
B)Determining how best to gain entrée in key settings
C)Selecting research instruments
D)Determining the maximum
Selecting research instruments
Which of the following design features can apply to both a qualitative and quantitative study?
A)Manipulation of the independent variable
B)Cross-sectional versus longitudinal data collection
C)Control over extraneous variables
Cross-sectional versus longitudinal data collection
Ethnographers strive to:
Understand human cultures
Which of the following is not a step in descriptive phenomenology?
A) Bracketing
B) Inferring
C) Analyzing
D) Describing
Which of the following approaches involves the use of a procedure known as constant comparison?
A) Grounded theory
B) Ethnography
C) Phenomenology
D) Ethology
Grounded theory
“What is the essence of men's experiences of chemotherapy treatment for prostate cancer?” is an example of a research question within which tradition?
“What is the basic social process women use through their menopausal transition?” is an example of a research question within which o tradition?
Grounded theory
Which of the following statements is not true?
~Reflexive journals can be used in the bracketing process
~Hermeneutics focuses on interpreting the meaning of experiences
~Descriptive phenomenology aims at understanding tacit knowledge
Descriptive phenomenology aims at understanding tacit knowledge
Which of the following names does not belong with the others?
A) Heidegger
B) Corbin
C) Strauss
D) Glaser

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