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World History Chap. 14 Sec. 2&3


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Three Field System
Farmers could grow crops on two-thirds of their land each year, not just half of it.
Town dwellers
Use of language used everyday in writing instead of Latin
An association of poeple who worked at the same occupation. Like a modern day union.
Men who were scholars that used knowledge of Aristotle to debate many issues of their time.
William the Conquerer
Duke of Normandy that claimed English throne. Brought feudal system from France and made King have Supreme Authority.
Henry II
Ruled from 1154-1189. Strengthened royal courts; introduced jury to courts; Basis for common law establishment.
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Married both English and French King; She was also mother to two kings.
Magna Carta
Protected liberties of nobles; outlined rights of England's common people; no taxation without representation.
Body of representatives that make laws for a nation.
Philip II
Powerful Capetian king who increased the territory of France; Established officials called bailiffs.
Louis IX
Pious and saintly; known as ideal king: created French appeals court; This strengthened monarchy and weakened feudal ties.
First step of becoming a master in a specific occupation.
Strap that fitted across horses chest.
2nd step to becoming a master. Person could work for wages.
Practice of not borrowing money decreed by Pope
Segregated parts of town.
Center of Learning
Dante Alighieri
Wrote Divine Comedy
Geoffrey Chaucher
The Canterbury Tales
Journey to a sacred place.
Thomas Aquinas
Writer who argued that the most basic religious truths could be proved logically.
Judgement by a panel of peers.
Common Law
Unified body of law that are basis for law in many English-speaking countries.
John Softsword
Nickname given to King John because of his lack of military skill.
Citizens of wealth and power.
Hugh Capet
Head of Capetian Dynasty.
Royal officials that collected King's taxes.
Philip IV
King of France that fougt with Pope over taxes.
Town in France where pope moved church.
Great Schism
Division between ideas of church.
Bubonic Plague
Disease caused by parasitic fleas that lived off black rates.
Black Death
Pandemic of plague that killed 1/3 of European population.
Hundred Years' War
War between England and France.
Bow that could pierce armor.
Joan of Arc
Peasant girl from Arc who received message from saints that said she would save French from English.
City liberated by Joan of Arc.

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