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chapter 14 questions


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The difference between a true score and an obtained score is referred to as:
Error of measurement
One source of measurement error in social-psychological scales is:
A) Response-set bias
B) Split-half bias
C) Maturation bias
D) Selection bias
Response-set bias
A measure of which of the following traits would be a good candidate for a test-retest reliability assessment?
A) Anxiety level
B) Fear of heights
C) Mood
D) Fatigue
Fear of heights
Cronbach's alpha is used to determine which of the following attributes of an instrument?
A) Internal consistency B) Stability
C) Equivalence
D) Sensitivity
Internal consistency
The aspect of reliability for which interobserver reliability is appropriate is:
If the coefficient alpha for a stress scale was computed to be .80, the scale would be:
Of acceptably high reliability
The type of validity that employs primarily logical rather than empirical procedures in its assessment is:
Suppose a researcher were interested in assessing the adequacy of an instrument to measure the theoretical concept of hopefulness. The type of validation procedure would most probably be:
Which of the following terms does not belong with the other three?
A)Face validity
C)Predictive validity
B)Criterion-related validity
D)Concurrent validity
Face validity
Which of the following terms does not belong with the others?
A)Known-groups technique
C)Factor analysis
B)Peer debriefing
D)Relationship testing
Peer debriefing
An overall assessment of the adequacy of a structured self-report or observational instrument is referred to as a:
Psychometric assessment
With screening or diagnostic instruments, the concept indicating the instruments' ability to correctly identify a “case” (i.e., to screen in or diagnose a condition correctly) is:
Which of the following is not an aspect of trustworthiness?
A) Transferability
B) Confirmability
C) Stability
D) Dependability
If both in-depth interviews and participant observations were used to collect data on a phenomenon in a study, this would be referred to as:
Method triangulation
If a researcher studying family response to adolescent suicide interviewed parents and siblings independently, the triangulation approach method would be called:
Data source triangulation

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