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Health 8th grade chapter 9


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What is the process of taking in and using nutrition?
What is the food and drink that we regularly choose to consume?
What are substances in foods that your body needs?
What are the starches and sugars that provide the body with most if its energy?
What are needed to build, repair, and maintain body cells and tissues?
What are chains of building blocks that make up proteins?
amino acids
What are nutrients that the body needs in small amounts for proper functioning?
What is the class of nutrients that are needed in small amounts for the body to work properly?
What nutrients are a source of energy to the body?
What fats are found in meats and some dairy products?
saturated fats
What are the liquid fats that are generally found in vegetable oils?
unsaturated fats
What is the most common nutrient?
What are the guidelines called for the amount of each nutrient to be eaten each day?
RDA or Recommended Dietary Allowance
What is the guide to daily food choices from five groups of healthy foods called?
Food Guide Pyramid
What is the part of fruits, vegetables, grains and beans that your body cannot digest?
What is the fatty, wax-like substance that helps your body make other substances that it needs?
What is a chemical found in in some plants that can make your heart beat faster?
What to you have when you reach the weight that is best for you and then stay at that weight?
weight control
What is the weight that is best for you?
desired weight
What is it when a person is more than the desired weight for his and her sex?
What is it when a person is at a more serious condition than being overweight?
What is a unit of heat that measures the energy available in different foods or use up during exercise?
What are foods that contain large amounts of nutrients relative to the number of calories they provide?
nutrient density
What are extreme and damaging eating behaviors that can lead to sickness and even death?
eating disorders
What is an eating disorder characterized by self-starvation leading to extreme weight loss?
anorexia nervosa
What is the condition in which the body doesn't get the nutrients it needs to grow and function properly?
What is the condition in which people repeatedly eat large amounts of food and then try to get rid of the food they have eaten?

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