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George Herbert Walker Bush
Held posts as emissary to China, Ambassador to UN , Director of CIA, VP, Pres in 1988
Boris Yeltsin
Pres of Russian Republic
Mikhail Gorachev
Glas Nost and Perestrokia to preserve communism, went out of control
Nelson Mandela
freed after 27 years in prison for plotting to overrule govern in S africa 1990
Manuel Noriega
drug lord/dictator of Panama, US airborne troops sent bu Bush to overthrow him
Tiananmen Square
1989 , china crushed peaceful demonstration with tanks, machine guns
Berlin Wall
Fell as symbol of end of Cold War divided Germany Nov. 9 1989
Russian Caucasus
Chechnyen minority tried to declare indepence form russia, ethnic wat
Free elections in Feb 1990 removed leftist Saninista
Saddam Hussein
Aug, 2 1990 sent armies to overrun Kuwait
U.N security
Unanimously condemned Saddam's attack demanded immediate unconditional withdrawl
Operation Desert Shield
to defend Saudi Arabia for Iraqi advancement
Operation Desert Storm
Fb.23 land war against Iraq 4 days
short range ballistic misslies lauched by iraq military against Saudi Arabia and Israel
"Stromin Norman" chwartzkopf
Blunt American General took nothing for granted
Department of Education
Challenged of scholarships targeted for racial minorities
Civil Rights bill 1991
Bush accepeted watered down bill
Claence Thomas
Conservative African American Supreme Court Justice -nominated by Bush
Anuta Hill
Law Professor of U of Oklahoma, Claimed Clarence Thomas Harassed her
Thurgood Marchall
Retired Court Justice, champion of civiL Rights , Thomas took seat

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