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Bio 30 BRHS AL


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Mendel's Principle of Dominance
Principle of Dominance - when 2 forms of same gene are present, the dominant allele is expressed
What is Pleiotropy?
one gene affects more than one phenotype
In a test cross with what genotype do you cross the unknown:
a. WW
b. Ww
c. ww
c. ww
in order to determine a missing genotype ALWAYS cross with a homozygous recessive
What is Epistatis?? Give an example.
one gene masks the expression of another gene
- 3 phenotypes rather than 4
ex. mammal coat color
What is an example of a phenotype?
a. height
b. Ww
c. chicken comb
d. blue
d. phenotype is how you LOOK
Affected males (sex-linked) pass the gene to ________ of their daughters and _______ of their sons.
a. all/none
b. none/all
c. all/all
d. none/none
a. because males have only 1 X chromosome they MUST pass it on to all of his daughters, his sons get his y, which is not traced to sex-linked infections.
What are the 3 primary patterns of inheritance?
1) autosomal recessive
2) autosomal dominant
3) sex-linked (X-chromosomal)
_______ allele(s) make up ________ gene(s). (give amount)
2, 1
In Dan's family, dumbo ears are dominant. What would be the resulting genotypes and phenotypes of the following cross:
Woman whose ears are heterozygous crossed with a man whose ears are homozygous Dominant
what is the resulting ratio homo:hete
all dumbo ears
TT, Tt
Mendel's Principle of Segregation
Principle of Segregation - in meiosis, 2 alleles separate so that each gamete receives only one form of the gene
crossover frequency equation
# if recombinants/total # of offspring x 100
The **farther/less** apart genes are, the **greater/smaller** the probability that crossing over will occur between them
Complete linkage is common.
True or False
False, Complete Linkage is RARE
what are recombinants??
offspring that result whose parents' phenotypes are both different and also different from the offspring in question
Mendel's Principle of Independent Assortment
Principle of Independent Assortment - each trait is inherited independent of other traits (chance)

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