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Sci10 BRHS Cell Structure and Function


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What is the cell memebrane
protective barrier
What does the nucleus contain
DNA and genetic material of the cell
What is the cytoplasm
gel-like substance inside the cell membrane
were are cloroplasts found
found only in plants and some protist
what are vacuolesand vesicles
bound structure that store nutrients,products of secretion and fats depending on tissue type
what is rouugh endoplasmic reticulum
ribosomes attached to it and is associated with protein synthesis
what is associated with smooth endoplasmic reticulum
fat and oil production
what are ribsomes
are dense looking granules formedof two parts
what are lysomes
are membrane-bound sacs in the cell in wich digestion can go on
what isgolgi apparatus composed of
of flat disc-shaped sacs involved in secretion

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