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Science 10 brhs cell organelles


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protective barrier for the cell?
cell membrane
what are three things that a cell must do to be considered living?
reproduce, intake nutrients, move, respond to stimuli, exchange in gases, or waste removal
what organelle transports the food?
what does the golgi apparatus do?
it packages and transports cells
what are the major elements that make up a the structure of plant and animal cells
cabon, hydroden, nitrogen, oxygen
what is diffusion
when cells go from high concentration to low concentration
what is isotonic
when the concentration inside the cell is equal to the solute outside the cell
when is the surface area in ratio to the volume the largest
when the cell is small
What cell is concerned wih the transport of water in a plant
the xylem
what is reverse osmosis
when you try to take the salt out of the water

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