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Aeneid Book VI


undefined, object
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abstrudo, ere, si, sus
dens, dentis, m
fluke, tooth
fundo (1)
make fast, found, establish
immitto, ere, misi, missus
send in (to), loose, give freely
praesideo, ere, ui, xtus
rule, protect (dat.)
praetexo, ere, ui, xtus
fringe, cloak
semen, inis, n
seed, germ, element
emico, are, ui, atus
flash forth, dart out
densus, a, um
thick, crowded
Trivia, ae, f
eno (1)
swim out, fly forth
inseutus, a, um
unused, unaccustomed
lucus, i, m
sacred grove
pendo, ere, didi, ditus
weigh out, pay
praepes, etis, f
wing, feather
foris, is, f
door, gate
but that, why not, nay even
grex, gregis, m
herd, flock
continuously, at once
perlego, ere, legi, lectus
survey, examine
aditus, us, m
approach, entrance
cors, cordis
heart, feeling
tumeo, ere, ui
swell, be swollen
cesso (1)
cease, pause, delay, hinder
obsto, are, stiti, status
stand in the way, oppose (dat.)
obeo, ire, ii, itus
approach, traverse, skirt
prehendo, ere, i, ensus
seize, grasp
repositus, a, um
secluded, remote
parco, ere, peperci, parsus
spare (dat.)
thus far
bacchor, ari, atus
rave, storm, rage
domo, are, ui, itus
tame, subdue
cano, ere, cecini, cantus
sing, chant, prophesy
ludibrium, i, n
sport, mockery
mando (1)
order, entrust
penetralia, ium, n
patiens, entis
enduring, tolerating (gen.)
spons, spontis, f
free will, choice
responsum, i, n
answer, response, reply
rapidus, a, um
swift, snatching, whirling
excutio, ere, cussi, cussus
shake off
defungor, i, functus
perform, finish (abl)
fingo, ere, finxi, fictus
mold, form
salus, salutis, f
remugio, ire
bellow, roar
adytum, i, n
inner sanctuary, shrine
concutio, ere, cussi, cussus
shake, shatter
cedo, ere, cessi, cessus
yield, depart
praecipio, ere, cepi, ceptus
anticipate, teach
peragro, ere, egi, actus
tenebrosus, a, um
dark, gloomy
when, since, because
contingo, ere, tigi, tactus
touch, befall
invalidus, a, um
weak, feeble, infirm
palus, udis, f
swamp, marsh
anhelus, a, um
panting, gasping
adflo (1)
breathe upon, inspire
ambages, is, f
mystery, winding
accerso, ere, sivi, situs
summon, invite
praeficio, ere, feci, fectus
set over (acc, dat)
eveho, ere, vexi, vectus
bear (aloft)
vimen, inis, f
twig, shoot
lentus, a, um
pliant, tough, flexible
lacus, us, m
lake, marsh, mere
frondesco, ere
leaf, sprout
opertum, i, n
mystery, hidden part
piaculum, i, n
pecus, udis, f
obmutesco, ere, tui
hush, fall silent
pendeo, ere, pependi
hang, tarry
reperio, ire, repperi, repertus
virga, ae, f
branch, rod, twig
humo (1)
bury, inter
lituus, i, m
(curved) trumpet
perimo, ere, emi, emptus
persono, are, ui, itus
sound through, make (re)sound
dignus, a, um
fraxineus, a, um
ico, ere, ici, ictus
strike, smite
ilex, icis, f
cuneus, i, m
picea, ae, f
pitch pine
ornus, i, f
truly, correctly
aemulus, a, um
jealous, emulous
opaco (1)
darken, shade, shadow
pergo, ere, perrexi, perrectus
prodeo, ire, ii, itus
viridis, e
green, fresh, vigorous
brattea, ae, f
thin sheet, plate, foil
teres, etis
smooth, rounded, polished
viscum, i, n
fetus, us, m
offspring, shoot, fruit

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