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Tissues, Body fluids, Bones


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What organisms are pathogens in tissues?
Almost anything
What is normal flora in tissues?
Stuff that is normal near the tissue i.e., from tonsils, etc.
What is normal flora in bodily fluids?
What 4 types of body fluids are commonly worked up?
1. Synovial
2. Pleural
3. Pericardial
4. Peritoneal
What are synovial fluid infections usually caused by?
Dissemination of infection by
-N. gonorrhoeae
-S. aureus
What are 5 pathogens often isolated from pleural fluid?
1. Streptococci
2. Staph aureus
3. H. influenzae
4. Anaerobes
5. Mycobacteria
What is commonly pathogenic in pericardial fluid?
What are commonly pathogens in peritoneal fluid?
Anaerobes and enterobacteriaciae
What is normal flora in bone?
What is bone infection called?
What normally causes it?
Disseminated infection of Staph aureus, Enterobacteriaceae.
In the lab, how do you process:
-Body fluid
Tissue - grind
Fluid - already sterile.
Bone - grind if possible.

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