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Aeneid Book IV, part 2


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acies, ei, f
edge, line, eyesight
conscendo, ere, i, ensus
mount, climb
cubile, is, n
couch, bed
efferus, a, um
wild, savage, mad
furibundus, a, um
wild, frenzied
macula, ae, f
spot, splotch, stain
ulciscor, i, ultus
avenge, punish
vivo, ere, vixi, victus
live, be alive
exterreo, ere, ui, itus
terrify, frighten
fremo, ere, ui, itus
shout, roar, groan
inultus, a, um
unavenged, unpunished
pugnus, i, m
trepidus, a, um
trembling, excited
unquis, is, m
nail, claw
abluo, ere, ui, utus
wash off
halitus, us, m
breath, exhalation
evado, ere, si, sus
go forth, pass over
lympha, ae, f
queror, i, questus
complain, bewail
rogus, i, m
funeral pyre
semianimus, e
half-dead, dying
sicco (1)
dry, staunch
strideo, ere, i
hiss, gurgle
vestis, is, f
clothing, garment, robe
obitus, u, m
death, downfall, ruin
reperio, ire, repperi, repertus
roscidus, a, um
croceus, a, um
yellow, saffron, ruddy
flavus, a, um
yellow, tawny, blond

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