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missa de plus en plus
Johannes Ockeghem- 4 voices ; contrapuntal texture ; cantus firmus mass
missa pange lingua
Josquin des Pres- "et in carnatus est from credo" motet, parody or imitation mass
de profundis clamave ad te
Josquin des Pres-mirrors text, motet, downloard leaps emphasize death
Innsbruck, ich muB dich laBen
Heinrich Isaac-lied-simple choradal clamatoral syle, rests dividing phrases; strophic
Da le belle contrade d'oriente
Cipriano de Rore- madrigal- italian madrigal; through composed; each line treated seperately
"Io parto" e non piu dissi
Carlo Gesualdo- Madrigal; dissonance and text painting; chromaticism;
Tant que vivray
Claudin de Sermisy-Chanson; homphonic in duple time.
Air: Flow my tears
John Downland- each verse set to the same music; lute improvises accompanyment; text painting
Pavana Lachrymae
William Byrd- Full anthem
Pope Marcellus Mass (Credo, Agnus Dei)
Palestrina-clear text; contrapuntal texture; clean and pure counterpoint; stepwise logical motion
O magnum mysterium
Thomas Luis de Victoria-mass(kyrie)parody mass, latin, chromatic inflections
Tristis est anima mea
Orlando di Lasso- major key; ssense of optimism and distance (note: he will start towards the end of this song)
Sing joyfully unto god
William Byrd- Full anthem

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