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Irregular Verbs Mr. Stieglitz


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Everday I buy lunch
Yesterday I bought lunch
I eat pizza everday
I ate pizza yesterday.
sometimes I sleep all day
Last week I slept all day
I know him.
I knew him
sometimes I find money on the floor
Yesterday I found money on the floor.
Usually the dog bites me.
Last week the dog bit me.
I teach english.
Yesterday I taught English
I like to fight.
Yesterday I fought.
I always forget my homework.
Yesterday I forgot my homework.
I run to school.
I ran to school.
The news station broadcast the news everday.
Yesterday I bradcast the news.
I think about going to college.
I thought about going to college.
I seek a million dollars
I sought a million dollars
The weather person forcast the weater.
Yesterday she forcast a bad storm, but it did not come.
I get in trouble all the time
Yesterday I got in trouble.

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