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Final review IS chapter 8


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Individuals who,either themselves or through the organization they represent, ultimately benefit from the systems development project
individuals who will interact with the system regularly
A ____ is a professional who specializes in analyzing and designing business sytems.
systems analyst
Professional who specializes in analyzing and designing business sytems
systems analyst
Is responsible for modifying or developing programs to staisfy user requirements
The _________ is responsible for modifying or developing programs to satisfy user requirements.
What refers to the translation of strategic and organizational goals into systems development initiatives
information systems planning
What involves identifying potential problems and opportunities and considering them in light of organizational goals
systems investigation
What seeks a general understanding of the solution required to solve the problem; the existin gsystem is studied in deetail and weaknesses are identified
Systems analysis
This involves creating new or modified system requirements.
Systems design
What encompasses hardware acquisition, programming, testing, training, conversion and operation of the system
Systems implementation
This entails monitoring the system and performing enhancements or repairs
systems maintenance
______ is an iterative development approach that involves defining the problem , building the initial version, providing feedback and incorporating suggestions into the second version.
This uses tools and techniques designed to speed application development
RAD-Rapid application development
an iterative approach to the systems development process
a systems development approach that employs tools, techniques, and methodologies designed to speed application de4velopment
RAd rapid application development
group process for data collection and requirements
Joint application development JAD
Rad makes extensive use of _______________process to gather data and perform requirements analysis.
joint application development (JAD)
any sytems development project in which the primary effort is undertaken by a combination of business managers and users
end-user systems development
This involves group meetings in which users, stakeholders, and IS professionals work together to analyze existing systems, propose possible solutions, and define the requirements for a new or modified system.
a detailed description of what is to be done during a development project
project schedule
The _________is used to support projects where the primary effort is undertaken by a combination of business managers and users.
end-user SDLC
_______ is becoming increasingly important as more users develop systems for their personal computers
End-user SDLC
What enables detailed development, tracking and control of the project schedule
the use of automated tools
a critical date for the completion of a major part of the project
project milestone
__ tools can automate many of the systems development tasks, thus reducing the time and effort required to complete them while ensuring good documentation
the date the entire project is to be completed and operational
project deadline
all activities that, if delayed, would delay the entire project
critical path
With the _____________approach, a project can be broken down into a group of objects that interact.
OOSD: object-oriented systems development
a formalized scheduling technique that develops time frames for each activity and then generates a single time estimate for an entire project
Program Evalution and Review Technique PERT
a graphical scheduling tool used for planning, monitoring and coordinating projects
Gantt chart
In most organizations, a _______ initiates the investigation process
systems request form
tools that automate many of the tasks required ina systems development effort and enforce adherence to the SDLC
CASE (computer-aided software engineering)
This form typically includes the problems in or opportunities for the system, objectives of systems investigation, overview of the proposed system, and expected costs and benefits of the proposed system.
systems request form
tools that focus on the early stages of systems development-investigation, analysis and design
upper-CASE tools
tools that focus on the later implementation stage of systems development and can automatically generate structured program code
lower-CASE tools
tools that link upper-and lower-CASE tools
integrated CASE tools I-CASE
approach that combines the logic of the systems development life cycle with the power of object-oriented modeling and programming
OOSD object-oriented systems development
As a final step in the investigation process, a ____ ____ ____ should be prepared to document relevant findings.
systems investigation report
assessment of the technical, economic, legal, operational and schedule feasibility of a project
feasibility analysis
summary of the results of systems investigation and the process of feasibility analysis and recommendations for a course of action
systems investigation report
___ ____ manipulates the collected data to provide information
data analysis
__ ___ ___ model objects, associations and activities by describing how data can flow between and around various objects.
Data flow diagrams
These use symbols for data flows, processing, entities, and data stores.
The overall purpose of ____ _____ is to determine user and organizational needs
requirements analysis
an approach to gathering data that asks users, stakeholders and other managers about what they want and expect from the new or modified system
asking directly
description of the functional requirements of a system
logical design
specifications of the characteristics of the system components necessary to put the logical design into action
physical design
a document that specifies in detail required resources such as hardware and software
RFP request for proposal
___ ___ ___ refers to the way the various components of an information system will work together.
Logical systems design
___ ____ design refers to the specification of the actual physical components
Physical systems
If new hardware or software will be purchased from a vendor, a formal ___ ___ ___ is needed.
request for proposal RFP
Thev ___ outlines the company's needs; in response, the vendor provides a written reply.
Once a vendor is chosen, contract negotaitions can begin and the final step is to develop a ___ ____ that details the ouputs, inputs and user interfaces
design report
What specifies hardware, software, databases, telecommunications, personnel, and procedure components and the way these components are related
the design report
Software can be purchased from external vendors or developed in-house
make-or-buy decision
preparation of the location of the new system
site preparation
conversion of manual files into computer files
data preparation or data conversion
the process of physically placing the computer equipment on the site and making it operational
the process of making the final tested information system fully operational
_____begins with the final tested information system
stopping the old system and starting hte new system on a given date, also called plunge or direct cutover
direct conversion
___ ____(also called plunge or direct cutover) involves stopping the old system and starting the new system on a given date
Direct conversion
With the ____ ____, sometimes called a piecemeal approach, components of the new system are slowly phased in while components of the old one are slowly phased out.
phase-in approach
___ ___involves running the new system for one group of users rather than all users.
Pilot start-up
___ ___involves running both the old and new systems for a period of time
Parallel start-up
An___ ___review is triggered by a problem or opportunity
A(n) ________review is started after a specified amount of time.
a formal agreement signed by the user that states that a phase of the installation or the complete system is approved
user acceptance document

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