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Ch. 17.2 World History


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Portugal was mostly interested in trade rather than colonization in what two areas of the world?
Africa & Asia
Portugese were the first Europeans to reach the
Indian Ocean
Controlled _________ in the Indian Ocean
In Brazil, they grew income producing crops such as
sugarcane, tobacco, coffee, cotton
conquistadors are _____
Hernan Cortes
landed in Mexico in 1519... 600 men, 16 horses, a few cannons,.... travelled to Tenochtitlan (Aztec capital)
Montezuma II thought he might be Quetzalcoatl & brought him presents but then broke out into war... Spanish won
Cortes ruled Mexico
Francisco Pizarro
1532... invaded Inca Empire (Peru)
Incan ruler: Atahualpa
by the 1600s, Spain's empire included
North America, South America, West Indes
Two Spanish goals:
acquire wealth &to convert Native Americans to Christianity
What killed the Native Ameriacns?
enslavement, mistreatment, disease
Netherlands controlled trade with the
Spice Islands

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