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Human Relations II (std contraceptive quiz)


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The only 100% effective way to prevent pregnancey
Any method of preventing conception
Pills that prevent pregnancy by stopping ovulation or by changing conditions in the uterus
Oral contraceptives
A dome that fits over the cervix and holds spermicidal cream or jelly against the uterine entrance to block the passage of sperm.
A device inserted into the uterus to prevent conception or implantation
Intraueterine device IUD
A trade name for a surgical hormone delivery system that provides continuous release of progestin, thereby preventing pregnancy for 5 years
A rubber cap that fits over the cervix, used with spermicide to prevent conception
cervical cap
A trade name for an injectable form of progestin
The process of permanently interrupting a person's ability to bear children through surgery.
A sheath worn over the penis during intercourse to contain the semen, to prevent pregnancy. Also helps reduce the risk of STD's.
Male condom
A form of contraception that comes in the form of creams or jellies that is inserted into the vagina right before intercorse.
A soft, thin plastic tube with 2 end rings-one that fits over the cervix and one to serve as a anchor outside the entrance of the vagina
female condom
Controls the primarty and secondary sex characteristics in men. Also aids in sperm production
The entrance into the uterus
contains the eggs and controls hormone production in women
responsible for primary and secodary sex characteristics in women. It also regulates reproductive functions
the birth canal. It is also the female organ for intercourse
the male organ for intercourse
a hollow, muscular, pear shaped organ, where the fertilized egg will grow and develop into a baby
if pregnancy does not occur, the lining of the uterus prepared during the menstrual cycle is shed in
preparation for a healthy pregnancy begins
far in advance
during ovulation, the ovum (egg) is expelled from the ovary and travels through the _____ before it reaches the uterus. This is the area where conception occurs.
fallopian tubes
contraceptive methods that physically or chemically obstruct the travel of sperm toward the egg
barrier methods
When a woman begins using oral contraceptives, for how long should she use a back up method of birth control?
1 month
one disadvantage to using oral contraceptives is
-side effects
-doesn't protect against std's
groups that are at high risk for std's include
-intravenous drug users
-anyone who has had previous sexual partners and who has not, since than been tested for STD's
-having unprotected vaginal, oral or anal sex with your current partner
people can reduce their risk for std's by
-avoiding contact with the partner's bodily fluids
-using latex condoms with spermicide
-refusing alcohol or other drugs
what is the most common STD for your age group?
sores or chancres around the genitals are caused by
untreated chlamydia infections can lead to
the human papilloma virus (HPV or genital warts) can cause
cancer of the cervix
antibiotics are only effective for the STD's that are
what are some common signs a person may be infected wih an STD
-abdominal cramping
-painful urination
-no symptoms
1 in ____ teens will acquire an std
this STD is the most common on a college campus
HPV (genital warts)
the most common college STD is
this STD has 3 stages, the first being a painless sore or chancre on the sex organs, mouth, brests or hands that will last 1-5 weeks
which of the following is considered a cure for AIDS
AIDS is the acronym for
acquired immune deficiency syndrome
what are some aspects of a relationship couples shoud consider before having sex
-pregnancy prevention
the Bush administration is considering requiring warning labels on condom packages noting that the contraceptive devices do not protect useres from this STD
HPV (genital warts)
according to the article, Future Fertility is a Teen Issue, untreated chlymadia infections can lead to infertility in both men and women. In women, the _____ can become blocked, preventing eggs and sperm from joining
fallopian tubes
testicular cancer is most likely to occur between the ages of ____ to ____ and is the most common cancer for men in this age group
15 to 35

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