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African American Literature Test


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What did Booker T. Washington write?
"The Atlanta Compromise"
What did WEB Dubois write?
"The Souls of Black Folk" Ch 3
What was WEB Dubois topic in Ch 3?
criticism of BT Washington's views
What did Langston Hughes write? Famous ex?
assorted poems aimed at bettering the condition of black in USA; Mother to Son
What did Claude McKay write?
assorted poems
What did Richard Wright write?
"Black Boy"
What is Claude McKay's famous poem called?
"If We Must Die"
When did Booker T Washington live? ethnicity? where? living condition?
1856-1915; mulatto; VA; slave
What is "The Atlanta Compromise"'s main goal?
want friendship b/w the races, not equal. Will live in separate societies with common economy.
What are Washington's major achievements in life?
1st prinicipal of Tuskegee Institute, urged blacks to uplift themselves w/ education
When did WEB Dubois live? Ethnicity? Educated where? Job?
1868-1963, mulatto (but didn't realize he was diff. for a long time); Fisk, Harvard, U of Berlin; professor at Atlanta U
Dubois Published where?
"The Crisis"
Dubois's major achievements? Political ass?
formed NAACP; joined Communist party
What is Dubois' thought on Washington? Compares Wash. to whom?
Washington's wrongly believes submission and silence for blacks is ok; to Jefferson Davis
Claude McKay lived when? where was he born? when did he start writing? educated where?
1890-1948; Jamaica; age 10; Kansas State College
Why did McKay come to US? what did he experience in US?
wanted to attend Tuskegee Institute; first experience of racism
When did McKay become a US citizen?
When did Hurston live? Where was Zora Neale Hurston born? How is it unique? father's job? issue with mom? Educated where?
1891-1960; Eatonville, FL; all-black town; He- baptist preacher not good w/ kids; she- died and kids were distributed to relatives; studied at Howard U
What was one of Hurston's major interests?
black folk tradititon
What did Langston Hughes think about Hurston's writing?
that she was writing too much about the bad of blacks instead of "uplifting" the race
What's Zo<ra Neale Hurston's most celebrated book?
"Their Eyes Were Watching God"
When did Langston Hughes live? Where? Educated (kinda) where?
1902-1967; Joplin, MO and Laurence, KS (là w/ grandmama); Columbia U
Hughes published in what two magazines? created what kind of lit? involved politically how?
"Crisis" and "Opportunity"; edited african american anthologies; communist sympathizer
Red Scare and Langston Hughes?
put on Red Scare list mid 1950s and wasn't allowed to leave country until taken off list in 1959.
What did Langston Hughes write?
"I, Too", "Silhouette", "Mulatto", "Visitors to the Black Belt"
When did Richard Wright live? Where grew up? Family life?
1908-1960?; Memphis, TN ; dad left, mom so poor had to send kids to orphanage to live
Wright's political affiliation? major literary works (2)? reporter for whom? eventually settled where?
Communist, "Black Boy" and "Native Son", "Communist Daily", France (felt accepted there)

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