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MDT Psychiatry Bravo Test 1


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Inability to recognize objects despite intact sensory function
Loss or decrease of appetite accompanied by inability to eat
The splitting off of a group of mental processes from conscious awareness
Higher cognitive functions such as planning, organizing, abstracting using inductive reasoning
Executive functioning
Speech in which the statements are not logically connected to each other and the speech content makes no sense
Disorganized speech
An inaccurate perception, a misinterpretation of sensory impressions
Difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep
Objects seem smaller than they actually are
Excessive love or investment in oneself with the corresponding inability to love another or be empathic to their concerns
Thinking and behavior that is pervasively suspicious, with mistrust of other people and their motives
Syndrome that includes one or more of the following: Delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, thought or behavior and includes disorders of executive functions
Loss of interest or pleasure in everyday activities that the individual usually enjoys
A disturbance in language that differs in expression depending on the area of the brain affected
Inability to produce spoken language with no impairment of comprehension
Broca's Aphasia
Inability to comprehend language coupled with inability to produce coherent language
Wernicke's Aphasia
The inability to carry out motor activities that the individual was previously albe to perform despite intact motor function
Psychotic syndrome characterized by muscular rigidity and lack of response to outside stimuli
Falsely held belief that cannot be influenced or corrected by reason or contradictory evidence
Behavior that is not goal directed or guided by a rational, preconceived plan, appears random and odd
Disorganized Behavior
Artificial, contrived or deceptive
Organized sensory experience that is the product of the patient's mind and does not exist in the outside world
Pervasive and sustained emotion
Emptying the stomach by induced vomiting
Which axis is for reporting all the various disorders or conditions except personality disorders and mental retardation?
Axis I Clinical Disorders
Which axis is used for reporting Personality Disorders and Mental Retardation?
Axis II Personality Disorders/Mental Retardation
Which axis may be used for noting prominent maladaptive personality features and defense mechanisms?
Axis II Personality Disorders/Mental Retardation
Which axis is for reporting current general medical conditions that are potentially relevant to the understanding or management of the individual's mental disorder?
Axis III General Medical Conditions
Which axis is a psychosocial or environmental problem may be a negative life event, and enviromental difficulty or deficiency, a familial or other interpersonal stress, an inadequacy of social support or personal resources?
Axis IV Psychosocial and Environmental Problems
Which axis is for reporting psychosocial and environmental problems that may affect the dx, tx, and prognosis of mental disorders?
Axis IV Psychosocial and Environmental Problems
This axis is for reporting the clinician's judgement of the individual's overall level of functioning?
Axis V Global Assessment of Functioning

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