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Neuroanatomy - Sensory Vocabulary


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inability to smell
Area 43
gustatory cortex; located at base of central sulcus and dorsal insular lobe
inability to taste
reduced ability to taste
pupils of unequal size
Area 17
visual cortex; located at the upper and lower lips of the calcarine sulcus (cuneus and lingula); contralateral visual field
blind spot
bitemporal hemianopsia
tunnel vision; both temporal visual fields obsured; usu a result of pituitary tumor
contralateral homonymous hemianopsia
optic tract lesion; contralateral visual field obscured
incomplete contralateral homonymous hemianopsia
optic tract lesion; optic radiation lesion; contralateral visual field partially obscured
lesion at Meyer's loop
Horner's Syndrome
caused by lesions in superior cervical ganglion or lateral reticular formation; leads to miosis, anhydrosis, ptosis
Brown Sequard syndrome
lesion involving left or right half of spinal cord; alternating somatosensory loss below the level of lesion: touch, vibration, limb position, and motion lost on same side; pain and temp loss on opposite side
Median Medullary Syndrome
involves CN XII, pyramid, perhaps ML, and XII nucleus
Acoustic Neuroma
benign Schwann cell tumor; progressive deafness, dysequilibrium, facial weakness, loss of corneal reflex, ipsilateral limb ataxia
injury to contralateral subthalamic nucleus of the ventral thalamus
ALS-Lou Gherig's Dissease
generalized mm weakness and increased clumsiness; bilat pariesis of upper and lower lims and atrophy of intrinsic hand mm; depressed deep tendon reflexes in upper limbs, increased in lower limbs; mm tone in lower lims increased

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