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Heart Disease


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What is Heart Failure?
Abnormal cardiac function; makes heart unable to pump blood at the rate necess. for metabolic tissue, or only if EDV is elevated.
What causes heart failure?
Heart attack.
What is a heart attack?
a Myocardial infarct, so O2 supply to the heart is inadequete.
Is myocardial infarct an acute or chronic cause of heart attack?
Acute. If left untreated, it is a chronic cause.
How is the heart's WORK distributed?
90% is to develop pressure to pump sufficient blood volume.
10% is to develop kinetic energy.
What are the 4 symptoms seen in LHF?
1. SOB
2. SOB with exertion
3. Can't sleep flat at night.
4. Cough
What are the 2 symptoms seen with RHF?
1. dependent pitting edema
2. Weight gain.
What is the most common cause of RHF?
What is the most common cause of LHF? (important)
What heart sounds are heard in heart failure?
S3 and S4
S3 due to turbulent flow becuase of increased heartrate.
S4 due to increased dependense on atrial contraction.
Why does heart failure cause jugular venous and hepatic-jugular distension?
because the right atrial pressure is increased.
blood is backed up.
causes hepatomegaly too.

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