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Social Studies cards about the korean war


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UN big 5
security council-great britain,u.s.,france,china,soviet union
Truman doctrine
he tried to stop the advance of communism into turkey and greece (gave 400 million)
marshall plan
us gave economic aid to western europe to help them rebuild after ww2
european recovery program
berlin airlift
every 2 minutes we flew supplies into berlin
berlin blockade
USSR blocked only way into berlin-people couldnt get supplies
red scare
macarthy was accusing people of being communists
commitee that went after communists. richard nixon was in this commitee
alger hiss
famous case to come out of HUAC-he was an advisor to the president
north atlantic treaty organization-eisenhower was the head of it
election of 1948
dewey v.s. truman-very close election
the atomic energy act (AEC)
controlled materials needed to make an atomic bomb
GI bill
soldiers after ww2 were sent to college and were given homes
taft harding act
outlawed "closed shop" (only serve to people who are in the union)-congress said people have a right to work without a union
husband and wife that gave nuclear secrets to the russians. they were executed
iron curtain
edge of soviet sattelite states
22nd ammendment
president cant run for more than 2 terms
national security act
truman civil rights
de-segregated the military. made anti-lynching laws-appoints first african american judge to federal court
nurnberg trials
nazi leaders were tried for war crimes
dean acheson
believed communism would take over the world-pushed for a policy of containment
strom thurmond
was a "dixiecrat"-was against civil rights-became a senator
mao zedong
let communists take over in china

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