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Physics Chapter 16-17


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Coulomb's law...
Electric field can be added...
Electric field relationship with force
F = q*E
Electric field relationship with charge
E = k*Q/r^2
Electric field orientation to the conductor
Always perpendicular
Electric field relationship with equipotential lines
Always perpendicular
Potential relationship with potential energy/work
dPE = q*V(ba)
Potential relationship with electric field BETWEEN TWO PLATES
V(ba) = Ed
Potential relationship to charge
V = k*Q/r
What is the capacitance formula?
Q = C*V
Capacitance in relation to Area
C = (permitivity)*A/d
voltage after addition of a dielectric
V = V(0)/K
charge after addition of a dielectric
charge remains constant!
capacitance after addition of a dielectric
C = K*C(0)
Potential can be added...
as scalars!

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