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Ethics Part 2


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Why do people say that is is right to legalize drugs?
1) Prohibition doesn't work
2) Legal Duplicity (two faced)
3) Reduce Crime
4) Economic Reasons
5) Drug use would be far safer than it is now
6) Individual's Right to Privacy
Why do people say that prohibition doesn't work?
Outlawing certain things doesn't work. Ex- alchohol in 1918
What do people mean by "legal duplicity"?
Our government is two-faced. Some drugs such as caffine and nicotine, are legal, and some are not legal.
In what ways would crime be reduced if drugs were legalized?
There would be less violence with buying and selling.
What were the 4 economic reasons as for why drugs should be legalized?
1) Over 50% of inmates are there because of drug charges
2) tax
3) create jobs
4) war on drugs
In what ways would drugs be safer if they were legal?
1) content
2) sanitary
Right now people don't know what is in them. And people make them in their bathrooms!
What do people mean by "Individuals Right to Privacy"?
The right to do with yourself as you please.
What does the 9th Amendment say?
That just because some rights are listed in the first 8 amendments, doesn't mean that we don't have others.
When was abortion legalized?
the 1970's
What was the case "Griswald vs. Connecticut" about?
Birth Control Pills
What was the case called that covered birth control pills?
Griswald vs. Connecticut
What are the reasons that people say legalizing drugs is wrong?
1) Drug use is harmful to the person using the drug
2) Drug use is harmful to people who don't use drugs
3) If drugs were legalized, the number of people using drugs would increase. And the number of problems in premises 1&2 would increase.
c) Therefore it is wrong to legalize drugs
What is the first premise that legalizing drugs is wrong?
Drug use if harmful to the person using the drug
What is the second premise that legalizing drugs is wrong?
Drug use is harmful to people who don't use drugs
What is the third premise that legalizing drugs is wrong?
If drugs were legalized, the number of people using drugs would increase. And the number of problems in premises 1&2 would increase.
In what ways are drug use harmful to the person using the drug?
-kills brain cells
-hard on bodily organs
-personality changes
-poor judgement
-lose job
-lose friends & family
In what ways are drug use harmful to people who don't use drugs?
-"crack" babies
-bad influence
-victims of violence
What are the 3 groups of terrorists that we talked about?
1) Anarchists - 1800's
2) Irish Republican Army (IRA) - 1900's
3) Al Qaeda - present
What is terrorism?
An attempt to fulfill 3 basic goals:
1) Violence
2) spread fear
3) Political Goal in mind
What is anarchy?
it refers to a society without a government
Who famed anarchy?
Pierre Proudhan (proodahn)
What do anarchists love and cherish?
What did Pierre Proudhan fame?
What was the arguement that anarchy is right?
1) Liberty/Freedom is good
2) All governments pass laws
3) All laws restrict freedom
4) All restrictions upon freedom are bad
c) Therefore in order to protect freedom, all governments must be eliminated
What did anarchists believe about killing polititions?
If they killed enough of them, no one would want to be political leaders and governments would be eliminated
Who was the second philosopher and founder of Russian anarchy?
Mikhail Bakunin
Bakunin said there are 3 obsticles to prevent freedom. What are they?
1) Government
2) Marriage
3) church
Name two people who were assasinated by anarchists?
-William McKinley in 1901
-Tsar Alexander II (Russian)
Who was William McKinley's assasin?
Leon Czolgosz
In what ways is Ireland divided?
Politically and Religiously
How is Ireland divided politically?
1) Northern Ireland - governed by the British
2) Republic of Ireland - independent
How is Ireland divided religiously?
1) Northern Ireland
-Protestant majority
-Catholic minority
2) Republic of Ireland
-Catholic majority
-Protesant minority
What is the IRA's 2 basic goals?
1) To have a unified Ireland
2) To have complete independence from Great Britain
Who are the IRA's 2 enemys?
1) British
2) Protestants
If there was a unified Ireland, who would be the majority?
In the 1500's, what was Ireland called?
The Kingdom of Ireland
Who was king of England in the 1600's?
James I
What did James I want?
-to conquer Ireland
What did James tell his soldiers to do?
"Any property that is owned by a catholic is to be taken from them, and any property that is owned by a protestant, let them keep it."
What happened in 1920 with the Kingdom of Ireland?
The Government of Ireland Act was passed.
The did the Government of Ireland Act do?
Split the Irish into two separate countries:
-Northern Ireland
-Irish Free State
When did the British grant complete independence to the Irish Free State?
What was going on in Ireland in the 1960's
The protestants were discriminating against the Catholics
How were the protestants discriminating against the Catholics?
1) Housing
2) Jobs
What ethical rile did the protestants believe?
Legal Rights
What does Al Qaeda mean in English?
The base
Who is the leader of Al Qaeda?
Osama bin Laden
Where was Osama bin Laden born?
Saudi Arabia
How many brothers and sisters did Osama have?
about 50
What kind of company did Osama's dad own?
a construction company
What opportunity did Osama's dad get that started to turned Osama on towards religion?
The opportunity to rebuild mosques in two cities:
1) Mecca
2) Medina
Who was Osama's professor?
Abdullah Azzam
Who was Abdullah Azzam
Osama's professor
What did Abdullah Azzam believe?
"Non-believers must stay out of Islamic territory."
Who invaded Afghanistan in 1979?
The Soviet Union
What did Osama bin Laden to when Afgahnistan was attacked?
He went to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets, and became part of the mujadeen.
What was the mujadeen?
a resistance movement
Why did the US give over $1 billion to help the mujadeen?
To get rid of their arch enemy: the Soviet Union
When did Osama move back to his home country?
After the SU pulled out of Afghanistan
What did Saudi Arabia ask of the US when the Gulf War broke out?
They asked the US to send troops into SA
What did SA do to bin Laden?
They kicked him out of the counrty and stripped him of his citizenship
Why did bin Laden hate the USA?
because they "kicked him out of his country"
Who is Al Qaeda's target?
the USA
What are Al Qaeda's 3 basic goals?
1) to get the USA out of Saudi Arabia
2) To get the USA to stop supporting Israel
3) to get Palestinian people to have their own country (Israel)
Who said that terrorism is sometimes right?
Virginia Held
What does Virginia Held say?
That terrorism is sometimes right.
Under what conditions does Held say terrorism is right?
1) deprivation of basic human rights (freedom, ect...)
2) reasonable liklihood that the use of terrorism will be successful
3) Must be the method of last resort
What was the specific example of "terrorism is sometimes right"?
South Africa
What was the system of legal discrimination against non-whites?
What is apartheid?
the system of legal discrimination against non-whites
What was it that whites in South Africa feared would happen?
A race war
Who was the philosopher that says that terrorism is always wrong?
Paul Wilkinson
What does Paul Wilkinson say?
That terrorism is always wrong
What is Wilkinsons arguement in premise conclusion form?
1) Terrorism never works
2) Terrorism deprives people of their basic rights
3) often, the victims of terrorism are innocent
c) therefore, terrorism is always wrong
What is capitalism?
the system of using money to make money
Who said that capitalism is wrong?
Karl Marx
What books did Karl Marx write?
-Das Kapital
-The Communist Manafesto
During what era did Marx live?
during the industrial revolution
What is the industrial revolution?
All the changes that occur when: wind, water, human, and animal powered machines

are replaced by:

steam, gas, electric, and nuclear powered machines
What does Karl marks say about history?
All history is a series of class struggles
What does Marx call the bourgeoisie?
Why does Marx say capitalism is wrong?
1) The people who work the least get paid the most

2) The people who work the most get paid the least
What is a parasite?
Something that lives off of another
What did Marx say about the amount of the B. and P.?
there would be less and less bourgeoisie, and more and more proletariot
Why (according to Marx) is there going to be different amounts of b. and p.?
1) Smaller businesses will be bought out by bigger businesses
2) Bigger businesses will drive smaller businesses out of business
What 2 things will the proletariots try to gain control over after the successful revolution?
1) Businesses
2) governments
According to Marx, what would happen after the revolution?
Communism would arise
What is communism?
A society without 3 things:

1) government
2) individual ownership of property
3) class distinctions
What is the arguement that capitalism is right in premise conclusion form?
1) bourgeoisie risks more that the proletariot
2) capitalism is based on freedom of choice
3) market determines the wages
c) capitalism is right
What is the arguement called that says murder is right?
The case of Sam
What were the 3 transplants that needed to happen to Frank, Jackie, and Tony?
liver, heart, and lung
What is the premise conclusions form of the arguement that says murder is right?
1) If Sam is killed, 1 person dies and 3 will live
2) If Sam is not killed, 3 people will die and 1 will live
3) If Sam dies, no one will mourn
4) If Sam dies, no one will mourn
5) If the 3 die, many will mourn
6) It is better to have no one mourning than it is to have many mourning
c) Therefore it is right to kill Sam
What is pornography?
1) sexualy explicit
2) intent is to create arousal
3) sold (bought and sold)
4) must use some form of media
What is the arguement called that says porn is wrong?
The traditional arguement
what is the Traditional Arguement?
The arguement that says porn is wrong
When (according to Marx) is communism going to arise?
after the successful revolution
What is the traditional arguement that says porn is wrong?
1) sexually explicit
2) sex is dirty
3) creates crime and violence
c) porn is wrong
Where did Marx live?
Great Britain
Waht is Al Qaeda known for?
-truck bomb in the world trade center
-Bombings of the US embassys
-USS Coal
-Twin Towers
Of what religion are the Palestinian people?

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