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childhood is characterized by examples of
Erickson's third stage of social/emotional development
initiative v. guilt 4-5 y.o.
initiative v guilt
kids increasing participation leads to development of initiative/questions and experiences are meaningless
gender identification
child learns gender roles and gender identity
who is the first major theorist to consider gender-roll development
phallic stage
4 - 6 years old; the center of focus for both sexes was the penis
Oedipal complex
boy develops sexual feelins toward mom and feels jealous of dad
Electra Comples
girls have sexual feelins toward dad and hostility to mom
penis envy
girls focuses on the penis in the sense of feeling inferior because she didn't have one
psychosocial growth is guided by
social learning
authoritarian parenting
strict rules; punishment; parent/child communication is low
authoritative parenting
sets limits and provides guidance; parent communication is good
permissive parenting
raraly punish;make few demands; no control over kids; communication is good
permissive parented kids are likely to be
less happy and lack self-confidence
authoritative parented kids are likely to be
successful, happy and generous
what is generally considered an anxious response to specific objects and stimuli
most fears are acquired from who
mom; acquired from identification or observational learning

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