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Blocker's semester exam-Exploration Unit Test


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Vasco De Balbo
Spanish planter who tried to escape his creditors by fleeing westward, He crossed the Isthmus of Panama and was the first European to see the Pacific Ocean
Were delivered to South America and the West Indies
The majority of African slaves coming to the New World
it exposed a land bridge connecting Eurasia with North Ameria
The Great Ice Age accounted for the origins of North America's human history because
The gruesome ocean voyage to America
For those Africans who were sold into slavery, the "middle passage" can be best described as
Jacques Cartier
The St. Lawrence River was discovered and mapped by the French explorer
Hernado De Soto
Explored the southeastern region of North Americalooking for the cities of gold between 1539-1542
De Las Casas believed the Native Americans to be what?
At times brutal and exploitative
The treatment of the Native Americans by teh Spanish conquistadores can be described as
The Crusades
What historic even resulted from the speech by Pope Urban II
Providing Hospitality
The Arawak repsonded to Columbus's arrival by
To what "royal city" was the Pope referring in the passage
Improved ship designs and navigational instruments make exploration easier
What was one cause that encouraged Europeans to explore the Americas?
Been captured in war
Most people enslaved in African societies had
Spanish, French, and English settlements in the Americas
One of the effects of Europeans exploring the Americas was
The crop that became the staple of life in Mexico and South America was
The deaths of millions of Native Americans, who had little resistance to European diseases
European contact with Native Americans led to
Protect its Central and South America domains from encroachments by England and France
Spain began to fortify and settle its North American border lands in order to
Europeans clamored for more and cheaper products from Asia, Africa was established as a source of slave labor, the Portuguese demonstrated the feasibility of long range ocean navigation, and the Renaissance nurtered a spirit of optimism and adventure
The stage was set for a catacylsmic shift in the course of history when
brought back news of valuable Far Eastern spices, drugs, and silk
The Christians crusaders were indirectly responsible for the discovery of America because they
Which country financed Columbus's voyage across the Atlantic in 1492
a revewed interest in the cultures of ancient greece and rome
the renaissance was
Rapid population growth in Europe
The introduction of American plants around the world resulted in
Lord La Salle
Frenchman who followed the Mississippi River all the way to the Gulf of Mexico
Louis Joliet and Jacques Marquette
A fur trader and priest who in 1673 traveled down the Mississippi River as far as the Arkansas River
Confirmed Spain's claim to the new lands of America
The Treaty of Tordesillas
Raw Materials
In the new interdependent global economic system that emerged after Columbus's discovery, the new world provided
New France
In 1608 Samuel de Champlian founded Quebec, which became the capital of the new colony of
Sailed to the outskirts of the East Indies
After his first voyage, Christopher Columbus believed that he had
Break the hold that Muslim merchants had on trade with Asia, reduce the price of goods from Asia, gain more profits for themselves, and reduce the time it took to transport goods
Europeans wanted to discover a new, shorter route to eastern Asia in order to
He believed that he had skirted the rim of the "Indies"
Columbus called the native people in the "New World" Indians because
people who crossed the land bridge from Eurasia to North Ameria
Most likely the first Americans were
Juan Ponce De Leon
Spanish governor of Puerto Rico who found the "land of flowers"
Desire for gold
Men became conquistadores because they wanted to
European explorers introduced into the New World
free Chritianity's holy places from the Muslims
The purpose of the Crusades was to
The development of agriculture
The size and sophistication of Native American civilization in Mexico and South America can attributed to
Henry Hudson
Sailed up a major northern river in N.A. for the Dutch East Indian Company in 1609
Work on plantations on the Atlantic sugar islands
In the last half of the fifteenth century some forty thousands indigenours Americans were forced into slavery by Portugal and Spain to
Portugese slave trade
The orgins of the modern plantation system can be found in the
According to Columbus, the Arawak pepole thought he was an extraordinary visitor who had come from
54 million
In 1492, when Europeans arrived in the Americans, the total of the two continents' population was
Hernana Francisco De Coronado
Spanish explorer who led a large expedition in 1540 to the Colorado River and eastward to modern-day Kansas
Maize, potatoes, beans, and tomatoes
These New World plants revolutionized teh international economy
Ponce de Leon- Mississippi River Valley
In which of the following is the explorer mismatched with the area he explored?

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