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What is the official name for the I-knew-it -all-along phenomenom. Give a def. of it
The official name is hindsight bias and this occurs after we find something out and consider inevitable as a result.
do opposites generally attract
what is a theory?
A theory is linked with observation& it explains thru an integrated set of principles that are organized and predicts behavior or events. A theory is a summary of these facts.
______specifies results that would support the theory
A hypothesis (testable question) specifies the results that would support the theory
how are variables defined?
An operational definition is the word for a statement of procedures used to define research variables.
Give an example of an operational definition
i.e. independent variable: by having Susy drink 2 glasses of water every hour and measuring how many times she uses the bathroom
what is replication
clear steps of the experiment so ppl can copy what u have done and get the same results.
what is it called when we study one person in detail to find out universal principles
case study
explain the false consensus effect and why anyone would fall prey to it
The consenus effect is when we think that everyone believes the same thing we do. This thought is reinforced becuz we spend time w/ppl who share our attitudes and hence we overestimate how many ppl agree with us
When youu are filling out a _______ you should be aware of wording effects
When filling out a survey sometimes the wording can change how u feel abt a certain topic.
what is a random sample
from the group you have chosen you randomly select ppl to participate in the experimentn.
what is better a large or a small representative sample from the group?
You want a large representation to ensure accuracy
watchingn and recording the behavior of organisms in their own environment is called....
naturalistic observation
How does a correlation coefficient compare two things to find out how much they predict one another?
A correlation coefficicent is a statistical measure of relationship.Tt shows how much two things vary and together and how they predict one another.
How come ppl use the double blind procedure?
Well, both making both the researchers and the participants unaware of who is really taking the drug they are less likely to be affected by the placebo effect. Also, the research will not be biased.
how is the experimental condition different from the control condition
the control condition is the group that either gets an alternative version of the treat ment in the experimental group (receives treatment) or it receives no treatment at all and serves as a comparison for the experimental group
what is random assignment and how does is differ from random sample
you can choose ppl randomly from the population to be a part of ur experiment. Then random assignment is the random selection of ppl from the group to either the control or experimental condition
why is correlational research important?
it can point out a relationship between two things and show how strong the relationship is.Correlation research is used because it helps to find out possible factors that influence the final conclusion. Also, ethics is important.
what do we do to find out the cause or why of a relationship?
positive correlation is when when both variables are high and good numbers
false:⬢ A positive correlation means both data move in the same direction(both are increasing or decreasing). For example, if the divorce rate decreases as age decreases then there is a positive correlation
a negative correlation automatically depresses whoever reads the numbers
it may depress ppl but not automatically since a negative correlation is when the variables are moving in opposite directions from each other. For instance, as the spouses ages increase the divorce rate decreases
who cars abt scatterplots and what is the purpose of it?
scatterplots: two directions of it can be examined—direction and spread of the points. Direction in which the points head indicate the relationship and the spread of the points indicate the strength of the relationship.

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