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10th grade Literature:Collections 2 and 3


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Without the help of my brother-in-law John Woodbridge, my works would have never been published. Who am I?
Anne Bradstreet
What is an inversion?
A sentence o phrase that is taken out of our normal English sentence structure
What is a paraphase?
A restatement of a text in your own words.
What poem or story portrays an internal debate between self and soul?
Here Follow Some Verses Upon the Burning of Our House, July 10, 16666
What author wrote the poem Huswifery?
Edward Taylor
This poet was called "the tehth muse from Mexico".
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz
My vivid sermons helped bring about the Great Awakening. Who am I?
Johnathan Edwards
Who are unregenerate Christians?
people who believe in God but have not confessed to being born again
Whowas influenced by JOhn Locke?
Johnathan Edwards
I lacked a poet's depth of imagination but my literary skills were substantial. Who am I?
Benjamin Franklin
I delivered the two most famous speeches in American colonial history.
Patrick Henry
The Iroquious Constution was called what?
A GreatLaw of Great Peace
I am remembered for my few simple, personal lyrics such as childbirth and love for my husband. Who am I?
Anne Bradstreet
I published the most important written work in support of American independence.
Thomas Paine
Johnathan Edwradsused ___________ in order to compare God's wrath to ordinary, everyday things that his listeners could understand and relate to.
figures of speech

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