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Breves IV


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Mundas vult decipi
The world wants to be deceived
Ex nilhilo nihil fit
From, or out of, nothing, nothing comes; nothing begetes nothing.)
Intellectum valde amat
Love the intellect strongly. (St. Augustine)
Vade mecum
Come with me. A constant companion
Cum grano salis
With a grain of salt. (Pliny the Elder?)
Nulla dies sine linea
Not a day without a line. Do something every day! (Apeles, Greek painter)
Nonne de novo eboraco venis?
You're from New York, aren't you?
Favete linguis
To keep a (religious) silence. (Horace)
O praeclarum custodem ovium lupum!
An excellent protector of sheep, the wolf! (Cicero)
Multun, non multa
Much, not many (quality not quantity)
Sine ira et studio
Without anger or bias. (Tacitus)
In quaestione versare
To be under investigation
Noli equi dentes inspicere donati
Do not look a gift horse in the mouth. (St. Jerome)
Eiusdem generis
Of the same kind
Solitudinem fecerunt, pacem appelunt
They made a desert and called it peace. (Tacitus)
Lector benevole
Kind reader
Qvi me amat, amat et canem meam
Who loves me loves my dog as well. Love me love my dog
Ad nauseum
To the point of making one sick
I am here
Rex regnant sed non gubernat
The king reigns but does not govern
Vivat rex
long live the king
Quaere verum
Seek the truth
Lex clavatoris designati rescindenda est
The designated hitter rule has got to go
Sentio aliquos togatos contra me conspirare
I think some people in togas are plotting against me
Numero pondere et mensura Deus omnia condidit
God created everything by number, weight and measure (Isaac Newton)
Finem respice
Look to the end [before setting forth]
Age. Fac ut gaudeam
Go ahead. Make my day!
Scala naturae
The ladder of nature
Una voce
With one voice, unanimously
E re nata
As circumstances dictate
Festina lente
Make haste slowly
Ad honorem
In honour. Honour not baring any material advantage
I shall rise again
Parva scintilla saepe magnam flamam excitat
The small sparkle often initiates a large flame
In parvo
In miniature
Nolens volens
Whether one likes it or not; willing or unwilling
Pax et bonum!
Peace and salvation!
Non multa, sed multum
Not many, but much. (Meaning, not quantity but quality) (Plinius)
Sunt lacrimae rerum et mentem mortalia tangunt
These are the tears of things, and our mortality cuts to the heart. (Vergil)
Ex curia
Out of court
Puris omnia pura
To the pure all things are pure
In specie
In kind; (a) in its own form and not in an equivalent (b) in coins and not in paper money
Ut si!
As if!
Omnium rerum principia parva sunt
Everything has a small beginning. (Cicero)
Obiit (Ob.)
He/she died
A pedibus usque ad caput
From feet to head
Et sequentes (et seq. Or seqq.)
And those that follow
Magister artium (MA)
Master of arts
Fronti nulla fides
No reliance can be placed on appearance. (don't judge a book by its cover)
Ad hoc
For a particular purpose. (improvised, made up in an instant)
Pecunia non olet
Money has no smell. Money doesn't stink. (don't look a gift horse in the mouth) (Vespasianus)
Utile et dulce
Useful and pleasant
Sub voce (Sv)
Under the voice
Ad valorem
By the value, e.g. Ad valorem tax
Disjecta membra
The scattered remains
Felo de se
Ad referendum
Subject to reference
Unus multorum
One of many. (Horace)
Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus
False in one thing, false in all
Vacca foeda
Stupid cow
Lex non scripta
The unwritten (common) law
In usu
in use
Aude sapere
Dare to know
Orbiter dictum/dicta
Said by the way (miscellaneous remarks)
Rerum concordia discors
The concord of things through discord. (Horace)
Virtute et armis
By courage and by arms
Audere est facere
To dare is to do. (Motto of Tottenham Hotspur)
Bellum omium contra omnes
Everyman's struggle against everyman. (Thomas Hobbes)
Ego nolo caesar esse
I don't want to be Caesar. (Florus)
Tibi gratias agimus quod nihil fumas
Thank you for not smoking
In posterum
Till the next day
Vox populi
The voice of the people
Ad litem
For a lawsuit or action
Argumentum ad ignorantiam
Arguing from ignorance
Salus populi suprema lex
The safety of the people is the supreme law. (Cicero)
Venire facias
You must make come
Coruscantes disci per convexa caeli volantes
Flying saucers
Ubi fumus, ibi ignis
Where there's smoke, there's fire
Locus poenitentiae
A place for repentance
Nihil ad rem
Nothing to do with the point
Quidnunc? Or Quid nunc?
What now? As a noun, a quidnunc is a busybody or a gossip
Victoria Regina et Imperatrix (VRI)
Victoria, Queen and Empress
Novus homo
A new Man; a man who was the first in his family to be elected to an office
Vultus est index animi
The face is the index of the soul/mind
Post partum
After childbirth
Saepe creat molles aspera spina rosas
Often the prickly thorn produces tender roses. (Ovid)
Mare nostrum
Our sea. (Mediterranean)
The same
Materia medica
Medical matter
Qui vir odiosus!
What a bore!
Come back to life
Dum spiro, spero
While I breathe, I hope. (Cicero)
Ad alta
To the summit
Hocine bibo aut in eum digitos insero?
Do I drink this or stick my fingers in it?
Nill illigitimi carborundum
Do not let the bastards get you down
Locus delicti
The scene of the crime
Astra inclinant, non necessitant
The stars incline; they do not determine
Vos vestros servate, meos mihi linquite mores
You cling to your own ways and leave mine to me. (Petrarch)
Necessitatis non habet legem
Necessity knows no law
Discere docendo
To learn through teaching
Nunc dimittis
Now let depart
Relata refero
I tell what I have been told. (Herodotos)
Per impossibile
As is impossible a way to qualify a proposition that cannot ever be true
Requiescat in pace (RIP)
May he/she rest in peace
In curia
In court
Feles mala! cur cista non uteris? stramentum novum in ea posui
Bad kitty! Why don't you use the cat box? I put new litter in it
Naturam expellas furca, tamen usque recurret
You can drive nature out with a pitchfork but she always comes back
Missa solemnis
Solemn Mass. (high Mass)
Intra vires
Within the power
Vita mutatur, non tollitur
Life is changed, not taken away
Labra lege
Read my lips
In capite
In chief
Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero
Seize the day, trust as little as possible in tomorrow. (Horace)
Credite amori vera dicenti
Believe love speaking the truth. (St. Jerome)
Emitte lucem et veritatem
Send out light and truth
Aqua pura
Pure water
Studium discendi voluntate quae cogi non potest constat
Study depends on the good will of the student, a quality which cannot be secured by compulsion
Gutta cavat lapidem, non vi sed saepe cadendo
The drop excavates the stone, not with force but by falling often. (Ovid)
Obsta principiis
Resist the beginnings
Minime senuisti!
You haven't aged a bit!
It magnifies
Laudatores temporis acti
Praisers of time past
Spero nos familiares mansuros
I hope we'll still be friends
Senatus populusque romanus
The senate and Roman people
Pallida mors
Pale Death. (Horace)
Facta, non verba
Deeds, not words. (Actions speak louder than words)
Ius gentium
The law of nations
Non illigitamus carborundum
Don't let the bastards grind you down
Novus ordo seclorum
A new order for the ages. (appears on the U.S. one
Ignoratio elenchi
An ignorance of proof
Status quo
The present state of affairs
Mutato nomine
The name being changed
Bene qui latuit, bene vixit
One who lives well, lives unnoticed. (Ovid)
Communi consilio
By common consent
Lapsus stili
A slip of the pen
Sol omnibus lucet
The sun shines upon us all. (Petronius)
Omnia mea mecum porto
All that is mine, I carry with me. (My wisdom is my greatest wealth) (Cicero)
Aurora australis
The Southern lights
Paucis verbis, quid est deconstructionismus?
What, in a nutshell, is deconstructionism?
Obiter (Ob.)
In passing
Ut sementem feceris, ita metes
As you sow, so shall you reap. (Cicero)
Veni, vidi, vici
I came, I saw, I conquered. (Julius Caesar)
Sub dio
Under the open sky
Fortuna amicos parat, inopia amicos probat
The fortune is preparing friends, the abundance is testing them
I forbid
Omnia mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis
All things are changing, and we are changing with them
Sic faciunt omnes
Everyone is doing it
Ignis fatuus
Foolish fire (will
Suum cuique pulchrum est
To each his own is beautiful. (Cicero)
Non curo. Si metrum non habet, non est poema
I don't care. If it doesn't rhyme, it isn't a poem
Qui dedit benificium taceat; narret qui accepit
Let him who has done a good deed be silent; let him who has received it tell it. (Seneca)
In forma pauperis
In the form of a poor person; in a humble or abject manner
Lusus naturae
A freak of nature
Legum servi sumus ut liberi esse possimus
We are slaves of the law so that we may be able to be free. (Cicero)
Sub lite
In dispute
Mihi ignosce. Cum homine de cane debeo congredi
Excuse me. I've got to see a man about a dog
Nisi prius
Unles previously
Qvi desiderat pacem praeparat bellvm
Who desires peace [should] prepare [for] war
Via crucis
The Way of the Cross
Mus uni non fidit antro
A mouse does not rely on just one hole. (Plautus)
Without premeditation
Vivat regina
long live the queen
Tu, rattus turpis!
You dirty rat!
Christus rex
Christ the King
Ipsa qvidem pretivm virtvs sibi
Virtue is its own reward
Liberum arbitrium
Free will
Period between rules anarchy, lawlessnes
Quam bene vivas refert, non quam diu
The important thing isn't how long you live, but how well you live. (Seneca)
Post proelia praemia
After the battles come the rewards
Audi et alteram partem
Hear the other side too
Multi famam, conscientiam pauci verentur
Many fear their reputation, few their conscience. (Pliny)
Corruptio optimi pessima
Corruption of the best is worst
A list of things to be corrected. (in a book)
Res severa est verum gaudium
True joy is a serious thing. (Seneca)
Corpus vile
Worthless body
Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit
A wise man does not urinate against the wind
Manus in mano
Hand in hand
Nemo hic adest illius nominis
There is no one here by that name
Contraria contrariis curantur
The opposite is cured with the opposite. (Hippocrates)
Satius est impunitum relinqui facinus nocentis, quam innocentem damnari
It is better that a crime is left unpunished than that an innocent man is punished. (Corpus Iuris Civilis)
Consensu omnium
By the agreement of all
Ivs gentivm
Right of tribes law of nations
Te igitur
Thee, therefore
Ille dolet vere, qui sine teste dolet
He mourns honestly who mourns without witnesses. (Martialis)
Non timetis messor
Don't Fear the Reaper
Qvi bene amat bene castigat
Who loves well castigates well. Spare the rod and spoil the child
Ore rotundo
With full voice
Pacta sunt servanda
Agreements are to be kept. (Cicero)
Post mortem
After death. (nowadays, the autopsy performed by a coroner)
Spectaculorum procedere debet
The show must go on
Quis, quid, ubi, quibus auxiliis, cur, quomodo, quando?
Who, what, where, with what, why, how, when?
Mare clausum
A closed sea
Coniunctis viribus
With united powers
Adversus solem ne loquitor
Don't speak against the sun (don't waste your time arguing the obvious)

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