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nsg concept 1


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critical thinking
process of actively and skillfully applying, analyzing, reflecting and reasoning
thinking that results in development of new ideas and products
critical analysis
application of a set of questions to a particular situation
socratic questioning
a technique one can use to look beneath the surface, recognize and examine assumptions
deuctive reasoning
reasoning from the genral to the specific
inductive reasoning
from specific(facts) to generalization
intellectual; requires individuals apply the same standards of proff to their own knowledge and beliefs as they apply it of others beliefs
rational, critical thinker adopts the attitude of what?
feelings are real and need to be acknowledged
phases of nursing process
assesing, diagnosing, planning, implementing, and evaluating
the nursing process is what?
a systematic, rational method of planning and providing individualized nursing care
understanding of learning things w/o conscious use of reasoning
acquiring critical thinking skills and attitude becomes?
a matter of practice
Assessing involves what?
1st phase of nursing process/
collect / organize/validate/document data
4 different types of assessment?
initial assessment, problem focused assessment, emergency assessment, time-lapsed assessment
subjective data
aka symtoms or covert data/apparent only to patient or person affected
objective data
signs or overt data / detectable by nurse/can be measured or tested ( bp/hr/r/p)
information supplied by family members, SO, or other health pro's considered ?
subjective if not based on fact
primary data ?
client is primary source
secondary data source?
all other sources other than client
sub or obj data?

Wife states "he doesn't seem so sad today"
sub or obj data?

"I'm short of breath"
sub or obj data?

lung sound clear bilaterally
sub or obj dta?

Vomited 100ml green tinged fluid

St Patricks day?:)
sub or obj data?

client cried during interview
best source of data?
always the client 1st.

family members, friends and caregivers are also good source of information
primary methods of collecting data?
observing, interviewing, and examining
directive interview
very structured, elicits specific information/ directed by nurse
nondirective information
rapport building interview

client controls subject, pacing and purpose of interview
understanding between two or more people
closed questions begin with ?
where / who / what / do / did/ does / is

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