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Intro to Western Music Final


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What is a lied?
A romantic song that is often performed in an intimate setting with piano accompaniment to voice with the text of a poem as lyrics.
What is Gesamtkunstwerk?
Wagner's "total artwork"- a blending of all forms of art with each form taking on qualities of another.
What is rubato?
A flexible rhythm that is more dependent upon the performer's preferences.
What is chromaticism?
Using the 12 notes of the chromatic scale liberally and equally.
What is program music?
Tells/traces story of poem nonvocally, expressed specific scenario or emotion- derives from program as a feature, a written narrative of what to expect from music that the audience is given beforehand.
What does through-composed mean?
What does strophic mean?
Through-composed means that there are different melodies for different stanzas in the poem of the song while strophic maintains the same melody throughout.
What is a song cycle?
A group of songs with common poetic theme or story connecting them.
What is an idee fixe?
An obsession, a recurring melodic theme that occurs throughout piece.
What is the Dies irae?
One of the most solemn and famous Gregorian chants called the "Day of Wrath" which was a centerpiece for the Masses of the Dead or Requiem Masses.
What does bel canto mean?
A feature of Italian romantic opera which emphasized the beauty of the voice

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