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Larva Migrans


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what is larva migrans?
migration of larval nematodes in unsuitable hosts; larvae are unable to complete life cycles, so host cells destroy them.
what type of parasites are larva migrans?
what are the 2 broad categories of larva migrans?
how many types are of each:
-visceral larva migrans
-cutaneous larva migrans
visc: 5
cutan: 1
what are the 5 visceral larva migrans?
Toxocara canis/cati
Dirofilaria immitis
what are the 2 cutaneous larva migrans?
Ancylostoma braziliense
Ancylostoma caninum
what are the common names for toxocara canis and cati?
dog and cat roundworms
where is toxocara found?
what are the usual definitive hosts of toxocara?
dogs, cats, children
what is a good symptom of toxocara?
high eosinophilia - granulocytic tumors in fact.
how is toxocara diagnosed?
what are the symptoms of toxocara?
-abdom pain, PICA
-eosinophilic granulomas in tissue
-may cause Blindness
how is dog/cat roundworm treated?
with thiabendazole or diethyl carbamazine
what is baylisascaris commonly known as?
raccoon roundworm
where is baylisascaris found?
what is the usual definitive host?
anywhere - especially Midwest!!

Don't know yet
what are the symptoms of baylisascaris?
depends upon where the larva migrate.
-loss of vision in adults
-encephalitis in children
howis baylisascaris treated?
it can't be - don't let raccoons get in your garbage.
what organism causes heartworm in dogs?

What vector transmits it?
Dirofilaria immitis

What type of symptoms are seen in humans that get heartworm?
Nodules on arms
Coin lesions in lungs
What is Anisakiasis?
infection caused by marine nematodes
What marine nematodes cause anisakiasis?
where is anisakiasis seen?
what causes anisakiasis?
ingetion of raw/uncooked saltwater fish containing larvae, which burrow in intest, die, and stim eosinophilic granulomas.
what types of symptoms does anisakiasis causes in humans?

how is it diagnosed?
nausea and vomiting

by serology
how is anisakiasis treated?
by surgical removal of the eosinophilic granuloma.
what is angiostrongylus?

where is it seen geographically?
an infection caused by ingesting infected SNAILS.
-SE Asia
What is the pathological course of angiostrongylus?
Larvae are ingested in snails.
Travel to brain.
Cause eosinophilic meningitis
-Charcot Leyden crystals in the brain.
what are charcot leyden crystals?
disintegrate eosinophils
What 2 organisms cause Creeping Eruption and Dermatitis?
Ancylostoma braziliense
Ancylostoma caninum
what are the common names of Ancylostoma braziliense and Ancylostoma caninum?
Cat or Dog hookworm
where is Ancylostoma seen?
in Tropical and Subtropical climates
what is the life cycle of ancylostoma?
in dogs/cats: filariform larvae penetrate skin and circulate in blood

in humans: same, but trapped intercutaneously inst. of circulating in blood.
what are the symptoms of anclystomiasis caused by dog/cat hookworm?
red itchy papules at penetration
larvae tunnels
maybe 2dary bacterial infection

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