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E.vermicularis and T. trichiuris


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what are the first two roundworms and what is similar about them?
Enterobius vermicularis and Trichuris trichiura

-have similar life cycles.
how do e. vermicularis and t. trichiura enter humans?
-ova in environment
-get eaten by humans
what happens after embryonated ova are eaten?
-larvae hatch in sm. intestine
-adults develop in large intest
-fertilization occurs
life cycle varies here.
at what point do the life cycles similarities end between e. vermic and t. trichiu?
after the adults fertilize in the large intestine.
What happens after fertilization in
-E. vermicularis
Males die in intestine
-Female (gravid) migrates to the perianal area, lays her ova,
ova get into environment and start over.
what happens after fertilization in
-t. trichiura
-ova are laid in the intestine
-ova are passed in feces, get out into the environment.
start over
what is the infectious stage of e. vermicularis/t. trichiura?

what is the transmission mode?
-the embryonated stage

-transm. is by ingestion of embryonated ova
what disease does e. vermicularis cause?
2 common names for it:
where is it?
in what host(s)
Pinworm or Seatworm
in Humans
how big are the adult females of e. vermicularis?
females: 10 by .5 mm

males: 4mm
ovum: about 55 by 25
what are the things at the end of the esophagus in e. vermic?
alar expansions
what surrounds the e. vermic ovum?
thick hyaline membrane
what are 3 symptoms of e. vermicularis?
how is e. vermicularis diagnosed?
do a scotch tape prep 3x
-at home
mostly found on kids anyway
how is e. vermicularis treated
-but it only kills adults so take over 3 wk period; treat the whole fam - it's like lice in the butt
what's a variation of the life cycle that e. vermic can do?
auto-infection: larva hatch while still in perianal area and move right back up into intestine
what disease is caused by t. trichiura?
-whats a common name for it?
-where is it found?
-what is the host of it?
-in subtropic climates, not arid
-humans, more kids than adults
how long are t. trichiura
females: 40 mm long

ovum: 50 x 25 u
what's unique about how t. trichiura adults act in the intestine?
imbed their anterior into mucosa; posterior hangs free.
-female butt fills with eggs
-male butt coils
-both stay attached (male until he dies), so won't see on fecal specimen.
what are 4 distinguishing charact of t. trichiura ovum?
-football shaped
-bile-stained from passing thru the intestine.
-polar plugs of mucus
-thick outer wall.
what stage of t. trichiuris is best for diagnosis?

what are the usual symptoms of t. trichiura?
-abdominal pain
-bloody diarrhea
what are 2 symptoms of chronic trichiuriasis?

why would you have this?
-rectal prolapse

the female doesn't die, keeps producing eggs.
if t. trichiura is suspected, what tests would you run?
O and P and a Parasite test.
what is the diagnostic basis for id of t. trichiura?
characteristic ova in stool
how is t. trichiura treated?
Mebendazole or
Pyrantel pamoate
How can it be prevented?
good hygiene, wash fruits/veg
properly dispose feces
don't use night soil - human manure.

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