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FTCE Earth Science


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What is the axial rotation of the Earth?
23 hours 56.07 minutes
What is the average radius of the Earth?
3963 miles (6378 kilometers)
What are some external sources of heat for the Earth?
Sun, Gravitational Potential Energy, Radioactive Isotopes, Thermodynamics
List three types of heat.
Conduction, convection, radiation
What is matter?
Something that has mass and exists as a solid, liquid, gas, or plasma.
What is energy?
The capacity of a physical system to do work.
What is an isotope?
One of the two or more atoms that have the same atomic numbers, but different mass numbers.
What is fission?
A nuclear reaction in which an atomic buclleus splits, releasing millions of electron volts of energy.
What is fussion?
A nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine and produce a simultaneous release of energy.
What is a chemical reaction?
A process where one or more substances are changed into another substance.
What is global warming?
An increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere sufficient to cause climatic change.
What is the Greenhouse Effect?
The phenomenon in which the Earth's atmosphere traps solar radiation.
What is thermodynamics?
The study of the relationships and coversions between heat and other energy forms.
What is the first Law of Thermodynamics?
Energy can be neither created or destroyed so the mass of the Earth stays constant.
What is the second Law of Thermodynamics?
In all energy exchanges there will always be entrophy of energy, and that energy will disapate into the system.

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